[Minor Natives topic] Post here your ideas for every single minor natives so the devs can look at

We really need more minor civs in south america, but we also need more south american maps, the ones we have right now cover too much territory.

I also want more Mexican/Mesoamerican maps, so Zapotecs and Mayas can be removed from South America.

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The Maya revolution refers to the Yucatan War


I know, but it’s stupid. That would be like only having Lakota as a revolution of the United States. Maya make more sense as a civ than already existing ones like Aztec.

For example? What is new that you consider inspired in this forum?
There are so many new features that it is difficult to break down everything.

There’s a lot of stuff that’s been suggested in the forum that has made its way into the game. Lots of it may be a coincidence but certainly not all.

For example, this is now a card:

image| 25% 128x128 Pjotr’s Toy Soldiers

They’ve also a acknowledged getting ideas from here:


The card that improves armor of elephants is pretty much from Sufi’s elephant endurance


I hope that for the next year the natives will be the focus of attention. I think people are more open to change than they were before DLC-TAR.

For now, what remains is to insist even more. There’s a big patch coming in spring of next year (2023), so we might get an update similar to the last update that caught us by surprise. (Or else why would they put “Great update” as the final message?). I don’t know if it was the natives or the rework of another civilization, or just a balance update. Who knows?

They are heavy melee infantry, but I don’t know if the heavy infantry tag is right for them. If it could be converted to shock infantry like they have done with some outlaws, it would improve the unit significantly.

Sohei Naginata could increase its range with each buff (+1 base range, and +2 with each buff, for a total of +3 range), just like pikemen.


random idea, but Carib Ambushers should be able to stealth. maybe that’s extra annoying, but that’s another reason to go out of your way to get them, when especially in a 1v1 it feels like you have to go far out of your way to get them for maybe 1 surprise pop. this way, they have extra utility beyond being trained from your Hero, although not needing the TP to be trained is already nice

noktaa em S e algum tipo de meme ?

now that the Cree have had their infantry/cav hp tech reduced back to 5%, I think the Navajo should have theirs buffed to 10%. tbh, it was always confusing why Cree’s was both cheaper and better, ig the devs just wanted it for the USA card? And while Navajo has some good traits, overall Cree is probably the stronger TP (hard to beat 5 CDB) so I think it’s fine to give Navajo the leg up here.


The techs are so confusing nowadays… I don’t even know what is being achieved with the latest changes.


Recently I learned Mapuche Clubmen only have 3 RoF whereas the standard for melee units is 1.5 RoF. This makes their damage output completely pitiful, esp considering their above average costs. Devs really need to either give them the standard attack rate or double their attack. in fact, I think their base damage is only like 9, so the devs could do both and the unit strength would still probably be average.


The Maya fort should be able to be reconstituted by the Maya soldiers or be able to enable it as a travois in the embassy and in the TP.

I would also like it to be able to shelter the holcan soldiers in said fort, and increase their attack.

Cards and technologies that improve defenses and buildings should affect the Mayan fort.

Mapa con la ubicación de los nativos americanos. (mapa tomado sin permiso de CarlosBR96, yo solo añadí los nativos)


This is really helpful.
Could you do this too with Africa, Asia and Europe?

You can find the maps of the other continents here:

I kinda don’t like making the Maya Fort rebuildable, it discourages the player from defending it as a point of interest.

This is kinda nice as a way to encourage players to actually make the Mayan units, but it could get annoying to deal with. Also not sure if the game can discriminate garrisoning units to that degree.

This is pretty fair, Extensive Fortifications and the Oldenburg coin trickle should apply

Being on the subject of the Mayans, I think that also another civilization, this time South American, should have the possibility of an indigenous revolution - Gran Colombians. I think Gran Colombians would be the best South American country to be a civ with many unique revolutions - after all, Gran Colombia spawned many countries.

Gran Colombians civ could have the option of a Muisca revolution. This revolution would give the opportunity to build a Muisca temple near the gold mine, which would allow for the automatic training of Muisca warriors in this building - the Muisca temple would generate some gold and train the warriors slowly. This building would also provide unique technologies related to gold - after all, the Muisca were famous for working with gold.

In addition, the Muisca, similarly to the Mayans, would have their own Minor Civilization, which would appear on maps covering the northern part of South America.