Missed shots should do full damage

It makes no sense at all that they only do half damage. Projectiles that don’t hit the intended target don’t magically lose 50% of their potential energy. You should be rewarded for using archers how they were used in real life in field battles, which is letting them fire into large groups of units, but in the game the missed projectiles are just completely useless because they only do 1 damage with all the armor upgrades. What makes me even more angry is that you made the change I’m requesting right now to Arambai, but instead of making it a moddable option you hardcoded it. It would really improve the game if all units’ projectiles that missed did full damage. Castles right now are already a good defense, but their damage output in large battles is less than even a bit good, because the missed shots, of which there will be many with all the units, only do half damage.

Archers should have the “attack ground” option. Maybe a 3x3 tiles size where the arrows will hit in random places. So, you can focus all fire in one unit, or spread fire in a group of units.
Like in Stronghold


If all missed shots do intended damage, there would not be sharp shooters or snipers. Everyone just shoot the arrow at random locations cause “yeah it will always hit something”.

Yes, it does not magically lost half of its energy or so, but a miss is a miss. Game treats archer missing their intended target by cutting their intended damage in half sounds weird but it’s one way to mimic the effect.

Also, irl archers don’t have unlimited supply of arrows. If that shot miss, that arrow is gone until you go and retrieve it after the fight.

Hence, I don’t agree the idea to just let missed shots do full damage.

One last point: this game was never designed to mimic the reality. It is designed based on historical data.

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Of course yes… if you want focus on vils in order to stop a castle you have to sniping. It’s differents behaviors for differents situations…

Yeah, but to argue missed shots dealing full damage because of that is just weird. Also, if missed shots do full damage, longbowman would be insane because they will do full damage regardless from 12 ranges away, unless their shots are way off.

Longbowman has good accuracy. It wouldn’t be a problem I think

Well, if stray shots deal full damage, thumb ring would’ve been much less useful. And arbalest would do even better against a blob of infantry units or bunched up cavalry than HC would do, despite HC being supposed to be anti infantry.

I think it is a HC’s problem, not archers


What? Their accuracy is lower than normal archers to balance out their better range and damage.

Regarding the OP, this mechanic is here to give more importance to the accuracy stats by making misses more punishing even if they luckily hit something else.

It’s fine on a UU as a gimmick, but not as a generic mechanic, unless you feel like redoing every single ranged unit or building since you don’t want stuff like elite janissaries raining death on everything don’t you?

HC stray shots hit another target way more often than arrows since they fly in a straight line as opposed to an arc, so it would be almost the same story as janissaries: a huge wall of death flying of any decent mass of HC.

It only would applied to arc trajectory missiles, so, not HC, jennisary or Conquistador will affected

I meant what the OP wants not your attack ground idea, that I’m not too hot for btw, I mean if you want area of damage just make a mangonel.

thumbring is a stupid tech anyway. there’s way too much overkilling with archers in this game

no, it wouldn’t always hit something. only when firing into a large group of units, which is how archers should be supposed to be used anyway. and no, the games doesn’t treat archers missing by cutting that projectils’ damage in half. it does by making them miss in the first place. and what you said with unlimited supply of arrows doesn’t even have to do anything with this.

Realistic logic doesn’t matter in gamedesign. At least not in this game.

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coming from the guy who said this little gem here.

if projectiles that miss and hit should still do full damage, because that’s realistic, then archers should therefore require ammunition because that’s realistic.

there is this thing called “balance” and if you buff archers in such a way you would have to either nerf them elsewhere, or buff everything else to balance the game out. or we could just leave it alone seeing as its not an issue.

They should aplly 100% on organ guns extra bullets so they do 2 instead of 1 damage when they miss. Maybe they would finally be actually good at massed units as advertises in the description.

Maybe just for elite of its too strong which I don’t think it is.


Look, I’m not even saying they should add it in the vanilla game (which they should), but I said they changed it this way for arambai without providing a way to mod it yourself, but instead just hardcoded it, which is stupid.

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Yes, organ guns are another good example of this. Their secondary bullets only do 1 damage, which in this case doesn’t have to do with missed shots doing half damage, because they do one damage only anyway because of what damage class they have, but if they did the same damage as the organ gun itself, then they should do 100% damage.

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Actually you are wrong they do 2 damage of they hit the intended target. Elite can do maximum of 20+4x2 damage per shot on unarmoured targets like outposts.

oh okay, sorry for the misinformation I may have spread.