Missing Health Bars of Ships

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34223.0 4509956
  • Platform Steam


Sometimes health bars of selected group of ships are missing. I came across that in the 4th Gajah Mada mission (the issue is linked with galleon which were brought to me as reinforcements, I did not create them). The other case was in the 6th El Cid Campaign.

I have never seen that on the land - all land units work well.

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Still bugged for the version 101.101.34397.0 4546676.

Still this bug is not on the track list. Of course the solution is to delete those ships and build my own which always have bars.

It is annoying in micro to think whether my fire ships have enough health to withstand another attack.

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This problem is still present in build 35584, please fix it with next update.

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