List of unfixed bugs

it seems like after the recent update the game will not load any slp file with a new name. A lot of mods got broke

This has not been fixed yet.

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Not sure if this is a bug but I would like to add, I played arena twice with a hard bot as an ally, I was using my sheep to scout my base, when his scout ran into and claimed them he started sending them out towards his base. Luckily my scout was around to take them back but bots as allies shouldn’t lame us lol.

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do we have any updates on the Campaign progress not saving issue?

Those bugs need to be fixed!

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  • If you pause a game and save the game, next time you load the saved game, the game is unpaused.

  • If you save a game and load the saved game, not every time it actually starts where you saved the game, often it starts a bit later

The new Arabia map is unplayable. Please fix it. Put it back the way it was. Ruined a classic map which has been a legend for 2 decades. First time I’ve ever banned it.

The game still bugged from last dlc I cannot play any match,cannot create a game and cannot see other match in the lobby.One week without play the game really disapointed with this dlc.

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Guess this belongs here… its now called a feature, but I would still classify this as a bug:

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I am glad to announce that this bug has been fixed in the PUP and will definitely be implemented in the next patch.

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Please add this to your list.

Json files can’t be modded yet

Another bug: medals not appearing for campaign missions where i r winner cheat code was used before.

Still waiting on the custom campaigns save bug…

waiting for multiplayer save restore with data mods.

Still waiting for watch replay on “old” patches

NOt sure if those two are so far posted in this forum (not around too much) and i at least didnt see them on the list:

PLaying ranked TG sometimes the UI will freeze so you cant select civ, toggle ready or random civ button. If that happens after the game when you leave the map you will have an black screen cause UI fails to load and you need to restart the game by killing it via taskmanager. Seldom happening even when loading into the game.

In TGs sometimes one or more team mates will be muted in the diplomacy screen by default so they dont see your pings or messages.


Both are mentioned:

the muted thing is mentioned, albeit only for opponents

and under User Interface section: ranked civ pick unresponsive during countdown

NIce ig tho still both missing details still.

Muted oppponents isnt the same as team mates. Usually you dont want the enemy to see your pings so isnt it normal that they are muted ?? BUt muted team mates is just terible for TGs. Lost entire games cause pings and messages werent going throught.

Same goes for the UI bug. Being unable to pick a civ is bad on its own but basically creating a from my experience 90% chance of crashing the game later on as well as a slim chance of crashing already on loading into the game is making thing even worse === needs way more immidiate concern than just not being able to pick civs.