MOD: Advanced Game Settings

Hello @Woprok, thank you for this mod, it has been amazing to play with my friends using these settings!

Would it be possible to add two new options in settings?

  1. Seige can go on walls (a feature that was modded into the Civ Conquest Mod)

  2. Connect your walls to ally’s walls (not sure if this is possible)

Thank you again and all the best!


Best mod in AoE4 by far.

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Seems to be an issue with the latest game patch. On two occasions we started a custom AI match, the game loaded with a black map and one by one all players got auto eliminated in seconds.

Thanks for notifying me, I will look into it. They somehow managed to break my mod completely with just a patch…

  1. That’s possible only by creating tuning pack
  2. That’s probably not possible at all as each civ walls are incompatible with each other and walls are done by something called spline, which makes it extremely clunky to oven just change them in any way or place them…

Without more options provided by devs to scripts, game mode mod can’t provide either of that.

I plan to look into it, but I still do not have access to my computer and my current laptop is barely able to run the game, which causes lot of issues and mainly makes fixing anything related to bad mod data extremely time consuming. ( I expect to look into it and hopefully fix it around 15 - 20 August)

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I pushed update to fix that issue. It was caused by Relic changing orange colour and due to diplomacy option my mod is depending on exact value to keep colours synchronized whole game.

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Thank you so much, awesome.