MOD: Advanced Game Settings

Sorry for being irrelevant…

Is it just me or the Chinese Clock Tower nest of bees become a real pain in the a** in the later game. They do hell lot of damage.

I added the bot but don’t see how to find the options.

2) The possibility of limiting the maximum number of villagers, if that is still not possible, thanks

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Well that has nothing to do with this mod.

Stone and gold nodes still exist even when they are “empty”.

The Malians for example can still build their pit mine on an exhausted gold node.

I would like to see additional options for Game Rates to choose training rate and gathering rate separately.

Increasing the training speed of military units would result in more violent gameplay, which will be closer to AoM and AoE3.

Just for update, I did notice requests. Mod is still maintained, but that’s basically only thing that I can do at the moment.

Adding new features is highly unlikely for a moment due to various reasons. Main one is that Relic still didn’t solve issue that makes it very hard to update the mod and I can’t justify that much time to be spent on fighting update system.


Hi there experts,
Please forgive this noob for any dumb or naive questions. All i want is to make AOE IV run more slowly. I understand this is possible with the “Advanced Game Settings” modification. Is this true, and, if so, can you point me to something that explains how to get this mod and use it?

Thanks so much,
Maid MaryAnn

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It’s available ingame, through the modding section.

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Thanks very much! I got it working. I wish there were a way to set the game rate to 0.25, or even 0.1 :slight_smile: I just don’t think that fast.

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Hi, @mod maker

I always use advanced game settings but, since last patch it seems (Game settings) Tributes is no longer working.

Yes, i do have a market and cannot send anything to my allies.
My ally also has a market.

In the advanced game settings, I marked Tributes (ON) we also tryed (OFF)
Does anyone else have this problem?

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It’s a known problem, which unfortunately might not get fixed, read the comments on Github, inside the pull requests, following the url in the first post (I can’t post links)

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The best AoE4 mod. I hope the devs make it easier for you and there is more flexibility. All the best.

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The same problem here. Tribute never worked after season 5

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How exactly can I access the functions of this modification? When I create a game round, I don’t see any innovations. I don’t see anything about the new settings that are shown here. The modification is subscribed and thus activated in the game. How can I access the new functions?

You need to change gamemode (for example to Advanced Game Settings) in game setup.
Skirmish/Custom Game, see screenshots…


Thank you for the information. :slight_smile:

Hello, which ticks do I have to set and remove if I only want to have the landmark destruction as a game goal? Unfortunately, I have problems with the English language output and only work with translation.