[Mod] Anne_HK - Monk Pointer

Version 1: Anne_HK - Monk Pointer (Always Visible)
Version 2: Anne_HK - Monk Pointer (Attack and Carry Relic Only)


Is this just a pointer above the monk or has this some additional changes?

oh this is awesome, i always wanted a jump to idle monk with relic flashing button like villager, buy iy would be rarely used. does it flash or show up on the minimap as something special? easy to get lost in the chaos in that little map. if u all remember cnc the minimap would like flash a rotating red square outline shrinkning down to point that notification is coming from and it really help to specify whats going on. right now the little dots just flash white same color as a relic.

just put a pointer above the monk. This concept is simliar with idle villager pointer. It is easy for players to identify the location of monks.

Compatible with UHD now