[Mod] Anne_HK - Selected Small Trees with Grid Shadow

This a variation of my identical pine mod. To balance usability and aesthetics, I spent several weeks creating this mod.
Mod name: Anne_HK - Selected Small Trees with Grid Shadow


Great job man, i really like this mod!
I’m sure you put a lot of work into this and a lot of noobs like me will enjoy not leaving that many holes in their walls!

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Has the mod been removed? I can’t find it anymore.

Mods like this just destroy the purity of the game.

If you want purity just go to the church and don’t play Age Of Empires. . .


I think the game looks way better without any graphics mods like this besides it’s not like these mods help you in any way they just ruin the look of the game.

By the way, I’m Buddhist, you really shouldn’t assume everyone is Christian.

I need to emphasize that everyone has the right to make their own decisions, but please don’t force your opinions upon others


Just search ‘selected small trees with grid shadow’ or ‘Anne_HK’ in in-game mod browser.

By far my favorite tree mod ever.


awesome work, thanks for your time making this mod

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1 it’s the best one.


I just hope that this one gets an update for the new trees like the pine trees one did! Switched to the pine trees one until then.

EDIT: The author tells me it’s updated for the new trees now! Will double check myself!

updated two weeks ago

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Odd. The new trees were only working on the pine trees mod last time I tried. Will try again! :smiley:

new tree type supported. let me know if you have any problem

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Your visual mods are my favorite :slight_smile:

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Can confirm that after its update it works. It was updated after your other one and I started using it immediately so that is what the issue was. Thanks for updating!

Are you still planning to make this mod compatible with UHD graphics? Really looking forward to that!

Compatible with UHD-graphics now

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