Mod author name not syncing after changing Xbox gamertag

So I recently changed my Xbox gamertag. Then I found that my newly uploaded mods display my new gamertag as the author name, while old ones still display my old gamertag:

For example, Classic Main Menu - Ranked in 1 Click - Mods - Age of Empires shows “PilgrimHYR”, while Arabia RMS Playground - Mods - Age of Empires shows “HestiaAoE”.

Could this be fixed? @DodoNotDoDo Having two names for one identity would cause confusion.

They’re updated now.

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Thanks! Is that a bug you just fixed, or do you have to manually update? :sweat_smile:

Also wondering how does the forum name work? Not necessarily asking for a change, but is it changeable?

It should auto update, but in the case of mods you’d have to republish the mod to get it to pick up the change. I just manually updated them in the backend. For the forums, if you log out and log back on, it should update your user name here. If it’s not, try logging on in an incognito/inprivate browser session to be sure it’s not picking up some previous login info.

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Perfect! Thank you so much!