Mod causing game to crash

I’m creating a local mod, but after a recent change I made, that I’ve tried reversing, the mod now crashes the game when I select it and launch scenario editor or skirmish. Are there any pro tips on what I should look at to avoid this crash or is there any way to debug what the problem is? Previously I was experiencing a crash only when I would playtest a scenario while using a modded civ.

I know this is super vague, but any recommendations would be appreciated.

If it’s a datamod, it’s possible your DAT file has become corrupted, in which case there’s no way of fixing it, and I hope you have an earlier version saved you can restore to. I advise saving backups regularly in future. If it’s a text file of some kind, there’s a good chance there’s a seemingly insignificant formatting error, such as a missing comma or something, as a single error like that can make a string file not work. I don’t think that would force a crash though.

Thank you for the reply. I think I figured it out. It is a datamod and it likely became corrupted when I received the 73855 update. I noticed that there where two additional techs and effects added that overlapped with two custom techs I made. I was able to copy and paste everything over to a new dat file and it’s working now. Noob mistake.

Ok, I’m glad you’ve managed to fix it. I’ve learned to always back up my DAT file, after one time where it corrupted irreparably, costing me 20 hours of work.