[MOD] Civ Techs In Tooltips 1.1 (plus chat hints) / Volunteers needed for localization!

Civ Techs In Tooltips 1.1 (plus chat hints)

in-game hover over civ icons:

civ-select hover:


Note: Move this mod to a higher priority than other mods which modify the tooltips or the in-game interfaces’ top-bordure for it to work correctly, then restart AOE2DE.

Version 1.1: Icon size reduced to 78% of initial size. Added tooltip with hints for quickchat/chat input box.

Version 1.0:
Now you can always keep one eye on the action while you study any civs techs in-game: This mod replaces the “Click to play as…” tooltips in the civ selection dialog with full Civ Tech Tree information and it also replaces the decorative top bordure in-game with a box containing all civ icons which will display full Civ Tech Tree information in a tooltip if hovered upon.

Link: https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/17114/

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Version 1.1b: Added unlocalized translation files because fallback mechanism to English in case of absence of localization files did not seem to work as expected.

If you would like to help out with translations, please reply/check this thread to avoid doing work someone else already did. I already have volunteers working on languages “de” and “it”.

Version 1.1d: Added a Tech Glossary.

Version 1.1e: Improved layout.