Mod doesn't update version when joining lobby

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  • Build: current
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • Gamertag: .FreaK.

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When I update my mod that includes a Data-Mod and then host a game, everyone has to go unsubscribe/ manually update the mod in order for the game to start.
It only updates the scenario, but not the data mod itself.
So i have to tell people to go unsubscribe one by one because I released a new version.
Please fix this

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Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a mod
  2. Upload the mod and make it become popular so people have it
  3. Update the mod
  4. Host a game
  5. Have people join who have the mod but not the right version (because it doesnt update automatically)
  6. Make everyone ready up and start the game
  7. The game wont start and will tell you who has an older version
  8. The game wont let you kick people because of another bug i will make a topic on.(see image)
  9. Rehost and pray for the game ever to start

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I experience this quite often. Players have to unsub/resub the mod for the lobby to work.

This is just as annoying as the “incorrect file/running a different version” bug which is quite similar to this one.


there are so much issue with modding and they havent addressed a lot of them.

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@GMEvangelos this is becoming more apparent as our mod grow bigger, an issue for data mods.

each time we update our mod, if someone that had downloaded through lobby of an older version prior to our update and joins our game, it will not auto update the data mod for that person. game instead refuses to start and gives error message that “every player has wrong/incorrect data file”.

subsequent issue is even if the person with older version leaves lobby, lobby will no longer start properly and must be rehosted, which is a major inconvenience.

is it possible to take this away for the dev team and ask them to implement force auto update mod when joining lobby? thank you!

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maybe @DodoNotDoDo can help answer the question. that does sound problem 1 guy stopping game, they should be prompted for an update but it does not do this?

@thieftdp8498 @oooFreaKooo2214 The game should check for updates on start and download any available. If it’s a large download and they’re on a slow connection that could be problematic. Or if it’s been updated while they had the game running. I’ll pass this on to the dev team to check out. If the update check and download isn’t happening at all, that would definitely be a bug. And I can see if they can add a pre-match check.


they do get prompted to download, if they don’t have the data mod.

problem we facing is that if they do have the mod (an older version prior to our update), then it does not prompt them to download, nor does it force download/update. game will fail to start and we have to rehost.

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hey dodonotdodo, did the devs give any answer? today me and a few friends tested a few things and currently this is what we have got so far:

  • “update” button no longer works, in order to update one must unsubscribe, and re-subscribe.

  • when a player joins lobby has an older version, they do not automatically update, nor do they get prompt to update. you mentioned it should automatically be done but is that at the start of the program, after movie into main menu?

  • if the mod is big, after downloading (subscribe via lobby) they will freeze for 2-3 minutes and during this time they cant chat, nor click ready, its like the game is completely frozen to them, though it will unfreeze after 3-4 minutes, most people dont realize it.

  • multiplayer saved games with data mod cannot be restored, we even tried modify mod-status.json and just no luck, it’ll always say we have different data file even though all of us subscribe to same version of the mod and played/saved, restore just dont work currently.

  • AI mods will force player always download AI files from host even if all the players are subscribe to the same AI mod, maybe some optimization can be done here.

  • UI mod and priority will only take effect AFTER game is restarted, this defeats the purposes of having priority in the first place. the same applies for enable/disable mod still requires a restart.

if possible, some of the biggest ones are multiplayer save game restoral, and joining lobby does not automatically update the mod. currently it is very difficult to play with mods and seems to get worse by each patch. I wasn’t sure if this area is your expertise or @GMEvangelos would normally take it away, if you could let devs know it’ll really help alot, thank you!

update on the bugs here:

Update button not working

it “seems” update button now works but it is for some and not for others, still somewhat unsure at this point but since it does work for some I will just assume user error at this point for those who fail to get it to work.

No auto update when in lobby:

We did further testing and found out that when game (Aoe2DE_S.exe) starts it IS suppose to auto update mods but if a player has incomplete mod, it does not auto update for them nor tell the host they have incomplete files. (either leaving too early during a download via lobby, or crashed when downloading).

OR if a player had an older completed version, and during update they join the lobby, it will stop updating for them.

The worst part is if the above players is present in lobby and at end of count down it will simply say ALL players have different version and lobby would no longer start, only a re-host will work at this point and this is major inconvenience, please fix this.

Freeze after downloading big mods:

This is still an issue, though we have reduce the size of mod but looks like extraction of mod done by game is extremely slow, much slower after the November patch for some reason and during that time they are completely frozen.

AI mods:

Looks like this is some what addressed, at least it no longer kicks player who will fail to download AI files.

UI mods not being applied without restart:

I’ve spoken with StepS and this function maybe added in the future, for now it is what it is.

We would like to see the 2nd issue addressed as soon as possible as it is a major inconvenience to people who plays mod, constantly have to re-host and have NO WAY to know who has incomplete files. Hope this update helps.