Mod Ideas

My requests…nay, demands (in no particular order):

  1. Night mode
  2. Garrisoning units in respective buildings post-creation. All civs can garrison vills in houses…that’s what they’re for. See #3. Give Khmer different tech.
  3. Garrisoned units take siege damage if building is razed with them inside; possibly killed. Adds common sense approach while still not allowing games to go on forever.
  4. Single-player trading between towns (TCs) at reduced rate (think national vs. international trade); trading is nullified in single-player currently.
  5. Smart units (e.g. pikes attack cav instead of champs when both present, archers attack champs over skirms when both present) and units don’t run headlong into a castle/keep unless player forces.

So let it be written, so let it be developed. :slight_smile:

  1. 1 is fine

  2. I don’t dare to think what it would give if you could just “hit and run” with mangonels by spamming garrison/ungarrison with your siege workshop

Actually n.3 was considered by Ensemble Studio in the alpha of Age of kings, so if they did’nt put it in it must have been for a good reason

n.4 isn’t needed since there are already trash units and relics for such situations

n.5 would be nice to give to the AI but not to the players, anyway it’s not that hard to micro your counter unit, no need to let battles play themselves.

  1. Siege may have to be an exception but still considering my #3, it’s realistic. Maybe a timeout penalty for garrisoning siege, idk. Either way, it’s achievable.
  2. Never assume somebody else thought it thru or some other idea was well thought thru. Plus, we’re talking ~20 years ago SO it may have simply come down to hardware constraints.
  3. Idk what trash units have to do with marketplace trading but this is more about being true to real-world than it is a game balance issue. Do towns trade between one another in real life, even within the same nation? Yes. Case closed.
  4. Micro is excessive and not always reliable. Allow common sense AI to be default and player micro always as an override. We currently experience this but in reverse with no common sense (archers attacking closest unit which is a ram). How silly is it that I have to micro a ram in front of archers to draw AI fire? That’s just silly. Units should “know” to attack units that are an imminent threat first which they can reasonably damage. Dear God…the whole world is going toward more sophisticated AI and yet we’re making excuses for dumb AI here.
  1. They definitely were able to, in said alpha you can even see the unit’s healthbar hovering other the building’s

  2. I meant by saying this that trash units allow to keep producing troops without gold. Sure, trading with your own cities would be more realistic, but i can be exploited (AOM TC are at forced locations for a reason) and tons of things in this game aren’t realistic at all cuz balance is more important (like meso civs with trebuchets or spanish without crossbows)

  3. That’s why I said it should be given to the AI players (wich btw must have been done in DE for sure. Like now instead of leaving their rams AFK they actually make themselves useful and try to kill siege or really low hp units). However for human players it would make things too easy since you could literally throw your armies without even looking at where you click.

  1. I prefer the historic reality over the game balance in a lot of ways. I know I’m prob in the minority there but we all realize Spanish is a greater civ than Aztecs and history played that out. If a player chooses Aztecs, they should need to be good to beat a decent player with Spanish. It’s a game so there’s always ways to give greater deference to game balance while keeping more historical accuracy. If the devs can’t, they’re not creative enough in their approach.
  2. I like the idea of sending my intelligent army out and not having to worry about them dying to a pack of wolves or standing in range of a castle and getting mowed down. That’s dumb. I paid for them not to be retarded. Let me manage the finer things, not the base things. Like I said, we’re institutionalized with this game because of its age. My friend & I have loved this game for 20+ years but it’s time for it to turn the corner with AI (for and against). I don’t need to wipe my army’s butt. We made villagers more intelligent with queuing now so why not military? (rhetorical)

Ok, I’ve been treating this conv like a rebalance of the base game, but if it’s a mod I guess there should be nothing against the 5th point (all I would need are mangonels with an attitude set to passive at creation lol) But if the 4th point was to be modded in the game said mod wouldn’t be very popular cuz it would mean that some civs that got a lot of victories in history like Mongols would be at an advantage against any other ones, wich would lead to some civs being more played than others and to unfair matchup in random games : with your idea, if you get cumans vs mongol you’re completely doomed, while in vanilla AOE2DE even if you get say khmer vs maya you still have a good chance since the most important thing is your skill, even if important bonuses still help of course. And ultimately, there are a lot of cases where history isn’t as clear as Group of people1 got beaten by group of people 2 (in your exemple, it would be more like playing Tlaxcala > Aztecs. And if smallpox could be a civ then smallpox >>>>>> mesocivs)