Mod no longer shows up under 'my mods' can't update

I went to update my published mod but in longer shows up in-game under ‘My Mods’. I signed out of Xbox service and went back in, still not showing up. How can I fix this?

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The same thing is happening to my mod. I’ve been updating the mod just through the mod manager, but zipping the file each time is such a pain.

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With the latest update to Age II, a change was made that affects creators publishing mods via the Steam version of the game. Where your mods were previously publishing using your Microsoft / Xbox Live account, it is now using your Steam account. Your previously published mods are still available, you’re just not able to update them from in the game.

Our team is looking into this issue. In the meantime, if you need to update your mod you can log on to with your Microsoft / Xbox Live account and publish your mod there. Or if you happen to also own the game via the Microsoft Store, you can publish from there.

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@aocashleylynn Was this ever fixed? I can only publish mods with my steam account now and can’t update any of them (AOE2DE)!

not yet…

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