Mod request - A loud distinctive sound whenever there's no villagers in queue

I think this would be very useful, especially for newer players and I can see this mod getting some popularity


Something like that would require global scripting support and an API for mods to hook into which afaik is not available. The only way I see this happening would be as an external program which scrapes the memory of AOE2DE directly and that would be cheating.

As a workaround, you could record a soundfile where you say “check villagers queued” then just wait 25 seconds and put that soundfile on loop in your favorite media player to periodically remind yourself of it.

OK, a mod, whew, good lord I panicked and thought you were suggesting the game get another newer louder alarm added to the list of what, there’s 5 or 6 already? The standard unit entered combat, the town under attack, the unit being converted, the being attacked by wild animals, the flare sound, does getting housed count? I’m making mods that eliminate these alarms because I will seriously have a midlife crisis if there are any more alarms added to the game lol!

I’m just kidding, not really though :slight_smile: but I was thinking an “idle TC” button just like the idle vil, and implementation of that is probably a xml script in the UI stuffs pulling the number of villagers with the idle task, or without a task. that function exists in the scenario editor and i wonder if that’s what it’s really used for… anyway yeah, something for the devs to work out. I could see it easily being a much requested thing, but perhaps part of the game is staying on top of your tc’s and the number of actions required in game is part of the competitive aspect to some degree…

um and also the idle vil button irks me as well, say when i have a sneak vil purposefully standing somewhere doing nothing until needed, or in a tower somewhere, that yellow button is like a police interrogation spot light… "SO WHERE WERE YOU ON THE DATE IN QUESTION WHEN THAT WALL DIDNT GET FINISHED?

5 people are dead son, and someone is going to pay…

or a mod that changes the villager creation sound “hee haw” to sth annoying like “make more vils”