Mod Request: Villager Roles

I’m not sure how to create a mod myself so thought I’d chuck this idea out there and see if anyone has already created it (I have searched but can’t find it) or would be willing to create it.

In the “Art of War - Booming” campaign, there is a chart (which is just part of the scenario instructions) that shows how many villages are assigned to what role (e.g. lumberjack, shepherd, builder, miner etc). It would be awesome to be able to have a chart like this as a mod in all my games so I can see if I need more villagers on a specific role.

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated! I wouldn’t have any idea where to start to create this myself if it is at all possible. :smile:

You can see the number of villagers assigned to each resource in the upper left corner:

Or you can click twice on the button at the bottom right to change the mini-map mode and see more detailed information about the villagers.

Is that what you meant?


:man_facepalming: can’t believe I never knew about this! Maybe years ago. Haha. Thanks for that.

I never noticed the vil count on top screen :joy:

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