[Mod] Tech tree UI and Ultra wide screen

Hi, as many of you might know, there is a “improved tech tree UI mod”(Mods Single – Age of Empires) from RichNixon. That mod has helped me a lot when I was a newbie to the game. Unfortunately, the mod is no longer maintained. And considering new patches & civs, it will be troublesome to do so.

So I wrote a python script that can use work from aoe2techtree.net(GitHub - SiegeEngineers/aoe2techtree: Age of Empires II Tech Tree). In this way, the tech tree picture can be automatically generated. For example, below is what Burgundians’ look like.

I have not yet published a mod for this only, as I was using a different set up than the original UI. The files can be found from my published mod “Ultra wide screen centered transparent UI with tech tree” (Mods Single – Age of Empires). As you can see, I am using a 2560 x 1080 monitor. So if anyone wants to publish a separate mod, please don’t hesitate to to so to help others. Otherwise, if anyone requests for this, I can make a separate one in later times.

Ok, I myself made a separate one, similar to the original Improved Tech Tree UI mod, but with some more improvements.

Can download form here (Mods Single – Age of Empires) or search "Updated Tech Tree UI)