Modding is this game's Salvation

Seeing what people are beginning to mod into the game has brought great joy to me.
Perhaps we as a community can fix the problems/missing features (and show the devs by example) we’ve been dealing with since launch.

I look forward to seeing what modders will come up with further down the line.
Perhaps new civs/units? That would be amazing.

TL;DR: Modding gives us an opportunity to improve the game without having to depend on relic’s slow and opaque process.

Here are some cool mods that i’ve seen:


Wait, it’s already possible to mod the game?


Aye, just use the public beta branch option on steam.
Though more complex mods seem to still be in the works, there are tons that add maps, gamemodes, and even mess with balance/unit behaviour.

To install the beta, simply go to your steam version of Aoe IV and right click on properties > betas > Public Update Preview

Mods can be found and subscribed to within the game.


I’m also excited to see the mods that will come.

I hope they keep adding functionality, I assume so since they said the editor is in beta. I really want some UI mods, mainly so I can make the minimap bigger and the victory conditions smaller.

how about the game pass version of the game? when is the map editor coming?

When the update releases

is there a date set for the update release?

They extend the pup to 25th March. So I think in the first week of April it come out for everyone


I can imagine some people might be happy to see this:


It’s a mod or an official feature by dev?

It’s a mod someone has been working on

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editor is bugged with limited options for a beta editor. so idoubt it will fix the game entirely.

I wonder when you’ll have anything positive to say. As someone that’s active with the mod community I can tell you that the tools work well, they a subset of the tools that Relic uses internally and some Relic devs have been active in the mod discord helping people build new maps and mods.


but its intriguing that this is the beta version of the editor. Also why only in discord? wasnt reddit the largest one of all forums?

Discord lets you work in real time and the discord was established before the tools came out. Reddit is an odd venue to discuss programming topics from my experience. There’s too much lag between conversations when trying to work through solution. Also they’ve been updating the documentation here ( as modders run into questions so it’s been a pleasure so far.

As for why there’s a beta designation on the tools? Who knows. Google keeps things in beta for a decade, it’s not a label I put much weight into.


a pinned tread or a link to a manual in the sub (like any other ones) would be enough to guide those users and keep and centralize guideness. so its no excuse.

Didn’t I just link you to a manual? You can post it there if you’d like. You’re really starting to nitpick “they made a guide and support the community but didn’t place the link where I wanted it” C’mon.


some players or users dont use certain forums so its a must

the problem is that it is missing things like the very basic ability to make use of ability/upgrade actions and so on, that stuff was doable even in coh2.

So will people just play custom games now and abandon the ladder all together?? Ranked dead before it started lol
Im ok with it and the players can make a mod to add more fixes to this game over time and even add the new civs and skins

Custom arcade mode where we can have Toer defense games and MOBAs. Cant wait to have fun in this game again.,