[Modding Issue] Modding ingame Unit / Tech icons becomes a garbled mess. Can't figure out exact ".dds" export settings

Game Version:

  • Build (34223)
  • Platform (Steam)

Currently, I’m trying to do some tests with the Unit icons to see if the ingame unit icons and co. retain the player colour properties of the old AoC / HD icons where they change colour based on the player. I’ve ran into some issues dealing with the .dds format that the icons now uses, however. Every time I try to overwrite the icon(s), the new icons just appear as a glitched, garbled mess ingame.

Here is the edited image I’m trying to import into the game, re-uploaded into a .png.

And here how it appears ingame:

From my understanding, .dds images are notorious in other modding communities where you have to export the .dds file in an exact way, or else it won’t work. I feel like I have exhausted every setting for exporting .dds files though and can’t get it to work. Either that, or Paint,net can’t export .dds files accurately.

Has anyone else had any success with this or have any idea on what the correct .dds format could be? Even if my original intention of trying to see if the icons still support player colours isn’t correct, this will help people who are planning on modding / adding icons in the future.


Icons are unfortunately no longer changing colors based on the player color since they are now unpalettized. That is why they are rendered out in blue as a neutral color. This might be improved in the future.

As for the format - you need to use A8B8G8R8 as the export setting, no mipmaps.


Hey StepS, what software are you using here?

Yes i would like to know as well.

Hi, DDS is supported natively with Paint.NET.


The game also accepts icons in the png format. At least it did when I last worked on this.

Hi Dev, could you allow the addition of more unit/building icons beyond the restricted numbers currently?

thank you! this help me a lot, the problem was just the format <3,