Modding Main Menu / DDS File Error?

Hello people,
I have a question for you guys about modding from the main menu background that hasn’t come up in the previous threads.

I took the folder structure from the many other modding main menu backgrounds, uploaded everything cleanly and subscribed myself. I’m just unfortunately not getting the background image I want.

I have tried very much and am now of the opinion that it must be the DDS file.
So far I have simply converted my JPG file online to a DDS file, but this does not seem to be accepted by the game (although it is a DDS file).
After that, I tried to create a DDS file myself in two other software programs. The only thing I don’t know is how to create it correctly. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Or is it due to another problem after all?

Thanks already and best regards, johnnyjewlez

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download slx studio, discord server is here and its free:

use graphic viewer in slx studio to open a jpeg/png, save it as .dds format. it’ll ask which options to save it as, see screenshot and use the highlighted option.


my recommendation, dont save it as dds when it is just UI picture that does not need extra bit, use .png instead to reduce space.

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