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For players who registered in the “AOE2_Golden_DE (AI)” mode published on March 21, 2020, cancel the registration and register again, because an error occurred does not start the game in multiplayer mode with this “AI”; but now it’s fixed.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to the latest game update, it was not possible to update the mod “AOE2_Golden_DE (TREE CIVS)”. To have the update of this mod or to subscribe the mod go to the link:
and download the files. Thank you.

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@LiningGull724 Hey there, fellow modder here. I am working on a project of my own and I came across your mod. I’ve been trying to find a way to message you because I am having a pretty difficult time getting a custom icon to appear in-game. I see you’ve figured it out with your 5th Age, and I am just wondering how you went about doing that. I looked at the files of your mod and I still couldn’t see how you did it. I see the PNG files for the icon, but I figured you are using those strictly for the UI… I can easily replace icons that are already in the game, but when it comes to adding an entirely new one, I’m having a hard time figuring it out. Perhaps we can exchange modding tips/ideas through a chat on Steam if you’d like?

Check the .json files

@Juggernaut8704 Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried modifying icons.json already, and it helped me figure out the filename format, but adding properties inside the file itself doesn’t seem to do anything. I can replace icons with custom ones I’ve made no problem, its actually adding more to the game that is giving me the issue.

I had the same problem so I just found the dark-age icon file and edited it in an image editing program. The file has the exact same name so that’s why the game picks it up. Couldn’t find any other way to do it so far.


Modding AOE2:DE is certainly interesting, it’s definitely becoming a little easier and more straight forward than it ever was in past versions of the game!

Same issue here actually, I was trying to make custom buildings for a zombie survival map, but can’t figure out how to get the icon in game without replacing existing graphics

Information about the new “Golden” mod update:

The new mod update “AOE2_GOLDEN_DE (DAT)” added two new civilizations, but to unlock civilizations you have to purchase and install the DLC.
Note: Due to this new update, some scenarios may not be supported. But my scenarios that I published have already updated them; it must be working properly.

  • Whenever you want to continue a saved game with this mod “AOE2_GOLDEN_DE (DAT)” follow this instruction: start any game with this mod and without leaving that game click on “main menu” and then on “load game” and select the saved file . (IT ONLY WORKS THAT)
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You will need to reinstall the “AOE2_GOLDEN_DE (STRINGS)” mod in order to get the most recent version.

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the mod is great! but i think having so many upgrades to unique units creates a necessity for them in the final age, the others don’t feel worth using in comparison. also having only stat upgrades on some units like the chukonu could be changed, more arrows? more charge damage for the costillier? and i think ballistics doesn’t affect the final longbowman upgrade, legendary i believe. i find the mod more suitable for larger pops, so perhaps 2x2 farms to combat the space issue in high pop games? the ai also doesn’t seem to care much for the final upgrades, it could more fun if they put in more eco and strived to achieve final unit upgrades and techs more. their choice of units is also a bit lacking, with basic knights used in the 5th age, would be nice to see them prioritize units they have the whole line for like heavy paladin. they also use archer every game. every game. some scout rush or man at arms maybe go knights or uu in castle rahter than main archers the whole game. @LiningGull724

Playing as slavs in 5th age or using legendary boyar in editor crashes game.

Could i make some edits to the dat file and reupload or send the edited file to you? @LiningGull724

I’ve already made an update to the mods “AOE2 Golden DE (DAT)” and “AOE2 Golden DE (AI)” that have some things you suggested, but I will not eliminate any technology from the unique units or others, because I like that the civs mainly have more updates on individual units and it also took a lot of work to apply them to the “.dat” file, especially when the DLC was released.

In the mod “AOE2 Golden DE (DAT)”, as you suggested, now the exclusive units fire another +1 projectile, always updating from the “Star” technology. As for the increase in cargo damage in the “Coustilliers”, it was not possible because it is already at its maximum (the maximum is 40), and it only works with these numbers: 20; 25; 30; 35 and 40.
Ballistic technology now also affects all legendary units that shoot arrows. Now the farms are built with a 2x2 area, but residents take the same amount of time to collect food.

In the “AOE2 Golden DE (AI)” mod, as suggested, “AI” now has a better chance of making the final updates, but the limit is the “5th reign” technology, so that it is possible to win against the “AI”.
Now, “AI” is much more likely to create soldiers from the feudal era, and it is also much more likely to create its unique unit in the castle age, regardless of civilization.
NOTE: In order for “AI” to perform better, play against “AI” in difficult, very difficult or extreme difficulty.

I’ve been testing it, and the game doesn’t crash at all.
The scenario was not made from the beginning with my mod, so it is normal not to work. It may also be because of “triggers”.

No, because I would not be able to track the changes.


1 - It has been updated to “46295”.

2 - 9 new units have been added (Iroquois Warrior, Xolotl Warrior, Elite Xolotl Warrior, Spear Champion, Siege Tank, Golden Siege Tank, Chariot, Elite Chariot, Golden Chariot).
See the mod “AOE2 Golden DE (FULL Tech Tree)” or “AOE2_Golden_DE (Mini Tech Tree)”, which civilizations are entitled to new units.

3 - A new graphic has been added for the “Hokage” and “Elite Condottiero” units.

4 - A new technology for “Goths” has been added ("Layer Wooden Fortified" technology.)

5 - Chinese, Japanese, Malians, Portuguese, Sicilians and Vietnamese now have access to “Paladin” technology in the Golden Age, but “Magnificent bloodlines” technology is blocked.

6 - Now Magyars and Lithuanians no longer have access to “Master Paladin” technology.

7 - The unit name “Elite Warrior” has been changed to “Elite Soldier”.

8 - Now Burgundians and Goths no longer have access to “Legionary” technology.


Due to the new update (46295) in my mod the game is likely to crash if you advance to the Castle Age with the “aegis” cheat right away. However, I tested it several times with different civilizations and the game never stopped me if I let it complete 2% or more. If I can correct this error I will say later.


The graph of the units was copied: chariot, elite chariot, golden chariot, siege tank, golden siege tank, spear champion and hokage of the “Multiple Buffs Mod V1” mod; therefore, CREDIT WILL BE ALL CREATOR OF THE MOD; thieftdp8498.

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How to install:

Step 1: Sign the mod “AOE2_Golden_DE (DAT)”.

Step 2: register the mod “AOE2 Golden DE (STRINGS)”, put it in top priority, disable ALL other UI mods that do not belong to my “golden” mods; and follow ALL INSTRUCTIONS in the “Help” file to install the mod.

Step 3 (RECOMMENDED): Enter the “AOE2_Golden_DE (AI)” mod to learn how to play in this mode.

Step 4 (RECOMMENDED): Subscribe to the “AOE2 Golden DE (FULL Tech Tree)” mod.

Step 5 (OPTIONAL): Subscribe to “AOE2_Golden_DE (Mini tech tree)”. This simplified tech tree appears on the game panel. (on the panel where the drive technology or waiting list is displayed). This tree shows only the units, technologies or buildings that civilization can have; it also shows by the number of “stars” how many improvements there are; all of that, just what is most important to civilization.

Step 6 (OPTIONAL): Subscribe to “AOE2_Golden_DE (PANELS)”. This mod is to help you realize that when you advance to the Golden Age, the age “V” icon will appear at the top (in the bar). When registering for this mod, you must place it second in your list of registration mod.

the tatars crashes when age up from feudal to castle.

possibly because the update change how sheep annex work. i had the same issue when they changed the tatar sheep annex for balance reason, other civ seems to work fine.