Mongol Historical accuracy petition

Hi! The mongols as a civ could REALLY do with a slight overhaul to make them more historically accurate… and aesthetically accurate.

  1. The mongol house is replaced with a Yurt. This is a simple graphical change, and the art is already in the game.

  2. Mongols lose access to the tech “heavy plow”. It is replaced with a tech called “the nerge” Historically, the nerge was the great yearly hunt that the mongol clans did and they rounded up thousands of wild animals for slaughter. So, what does this new “nerge” tech do? Simple! Whenever a mongol worker creates a farm, they spawn a deer. Over time, many dear get spawned, and eventually the mongols have their great wild hunt. Deer provide 140 food. heavy plow provides 125 food, and allows farmers to carry +1 each trip. This means that with this change, mongols get 15 more food per farm, but they gather slower, until the player decides to go hunting. This leads to a boom and bust economy from a food perspective. People may think boom and bust econ is bad, but its different, and it is thematic of the mongols and its more historically accurate than heavy plows.

  3. Mongols get access to a new castle age tech in the archery range called horn bows. Horn bows increase all archer damage by 1. However, mongols also lose access to crossbowmen and arbalests. Why? Mongols were nomads, and used horn bows, and short bows. Not crossbows or arbalests. This gives the mongol archers a bit of extra life, and buffs cavalry archers and eventually mangudai. Without arbalests though, the mongols can’t spam archers and plan a lategame spike in imperial age with mass arbalests. Its a nerf to their econ, but a buff to their iconic units.

  4. Historically, mongols did not have “knights”, and they most certainly did not have cavaliers. The mongols did have horsemen who used lances and swords, but they were not armored as depicted in AOE2 with knights and cavaliers. So, this is a major nerf, and I would includ a few buffs to try to even it out. The goal of this change is not to change the mongols game balance/power but to make them more historically accurate. But, removing knights and cavaliers entirely is a major game balance change. So, here goes… First, remove access to the knight line entirely. Second, give mongols a new imperial age tech in the blacksmith. Hardened leather armor. It gives Hussars, steppe lancers, and cavalry archers (including mangudai) 1/1 armor. Additionally in the castle age, Mongol steppe lancers get 1 melee armor.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to further balance these changes so that they remain historically accurate to the mongols a people of the steppe… please comment. I don’t want any sort of game power balance changes just… actually accurate historical units. Removal of the knight line is historically accurate but… it causes so much balance disruption. Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: I am all for removing the “Drill” tech from the castle. Its not historically accurate. Mongols had issues when sieging well fortified cities, not overrunning the countryside. Also from a game note its kinda OP.


Better be carefull ,people are going to scream at you that this game ‘‘isnt historical’’.

But I for one love the idea of the yurts for houses.
Having this as standard means I won’t have to edit the mongol houses to yurts using my mod myself.


How about no?


Mongols or any other nomadic civilization used heavy cavalry. Their armor is different than Knights but game gave them same costume for practical reasons. Different aspect of the European cavalries is that they used plate armor. Nomadic people stick chain mail for variety of reason but I also think that Mongols have very bad cavalry comparing to history.

Even their hussar isn’t better than generic Hussar. Their cavalry need to be buffed. In return, OP 50% speed drill tech should be decreased 35-40%. Mongol gain best siege weapons with only tech and it is unfair that Celts’ siege is actually worse than Mongols.


I could definitely get behind the drill tech being entirely removed. It is not historically accurate. Mongols had issues when seiging well fortified cities with good walls. They were really good at overrunning the countryside and starving cities out, and burning their crops and towns. Not breaking through fortified walls.


Another 22 years too late topic 11111


Because people don’t want two mangudai buffs rofl

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Not only mongols historically nomadic people had good siege weapons. For instance, Khazars had best siege weapons in their times. They used mangonels very effectively even in pitched battles. Mongols additionally used Chinese engineer for siege weapon production.

Problem is that stone thrower aka mangonels and trebuckets isn’t effective against stone defenses. They are good against wooden and soil fortifications but not against stone defenses. Therefore, Mongols destroyed Magyars and Polish in first Mongol Invasion of Europe but in other campaigns Europeans prepared for other Mongol invasions by building a lot of stone fortifications. In this way, Mongols could make only raids.

Well… drill really is the most impactful on rams, and rams are good for crunching stone.

Sigh… no, they don’t. This game was never historically accurate.

Could be a mod for all i care, not that important, but it must be noted that the yurt that is actually in the game: yurt only have 500 hp and no melee/pierce armor. Houses in feudal have 550 hp, 1 melee armor and 8 pierce armor. If you mean just the aesthetic fine, if you mean the building as it’s already present in the game it’s a big nerf

The deal about the mongols is: very good early game due to hunt bonus —> bad mid game —> amazing late game with mangudais. This way you are entirely removing the part it makes the mongols a balanced civ

… you are literally giving them the magyars CA in castle age on top of the fact they shoot faster. You are giving an extra damage to the stronges UU in the game too. What the hell? Removing xbows is bad, giving them machine gun CAs with extra damage is even worse

So, you are weakening their castle age with the removal of the kts, which absolutely makes no sense considering it’s their weak age, buffing a unit no one uses and then making their imp even stronger by giving extra armor to mangudai and CA while also making their light cav the strongest in the game because now it has just -1 PA confronted to a generic hussars while having the extra HP. Literally no idea what you are telling about.

In isolation your ideas are bad, if you put them all together they are terrible balance wise

People are telling you and your fellow SP compaings that this game is not historically accurate and that’s simply true.
You can play however you want, but maybe it’s time to stop destroyin both the game and the balance because you want a different game. This is a competitive rts, not an historical battle simulator


Yurt is basically tent. If it is added to Mongols, it will be a lot cheaper and faster to create than normal house. Tents can be added all nomadic civs (Cumans, Tatars, Huns) but it is late to add now.

If they changed the Briton wonder years later, what is too late haha

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why dont you just make mangudai with 9000000 HP and 9000 attack with ignore armor and blast radius even if its not enough every yurt you built spawns 2 mangudais ?Maybe from feudal age huh ? Historrically accurate would it be ? Mangudais were trained not from barracks but from nomadic pastral yurts so ? Man pls… Come on ! PLS !!! Do not want devs to RUIN this game.If u want this for mongols i want even more fascinating and OP things for Magyars and Turks&Cumans&Tatars.11

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I fail to see how this is relevant? Do you think I am trying to buff mongols? If drill were removed, then mongols wouldn’t be nearly as OP as they are now. On the topic of mangudai, I would actually be for nerfing their damage to structures. OFC ppl use them to fight in the open, and that is their job.

Yeah, what you proposed is a big buff to the mongols:

  • You improve their eco and therefore their midgame
  • You buff both the CAs and the mangudai (literally the best unit in the game) with a tech that is researchable in the archery range
  • You buff their Hussars with a tech researchable in the blacksmith
  • They still have their early eco bonus
  • They still have siege ram, siege onager and heavy scorpion

Leave the balance of the game alone if you don’t know what happens by throwing around random changes


I would be ok with removing seige ram, seige onager and the heavy scorpion.

I would be ok with moving the tech to buff mangudai and calvary archer to the castle.

Mongol hussars would need a buff if their knight line got removed. How much of a nerf would mongols losing knights be to you?

No problem with this but it would be odd for them to have their own unique houses and others don’t

I am confused by this

Buffing Mangudai is just a big no no

Neither did the Saracens, Britons, Japanese, ect. Vikings had arbalests? It is a game, it is not meant to be historically accurate

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I’d just leave the mongols alone. They are a perfectly fine civ, and no amount of “historical accuracy” would make me riconsider this. This is AoE2, not an historical battle simulator. There’s no need to destroy a classic civ because you want a different design.
Once again, leave the balance of the game alone, mongols are perfectly fine as they are


You see that’s the problem with those kinds of proposals. You suggest stuff that makes the civ OP, so you start nerfing it “historically” elsewhere else, but it keeps adding problems. In this case, without good siege nor anti-siege mangudai, Mongol late game would become trash, since fortifications would deny them hard, as well as enemy siege.

Mongols probs have arbs because they conquered the Chinese.

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They didn’t use them though