Mongol Improved Technology Bug


I am encountering this technology bug with Siha Bow Limbs, Piety, and Tithe Barns that was reported in January of last year, and I was wondering if a solution was ever found. Been trying to do Mongol Mastery 14, but the game seems to regularly not recognize this tech - usually what happens is I have it researched from an Archery Range within the influence of a Prayer Tent upgraded by Monastic Shrines. It then researches, but does not seem to have an effect and is grayed out as earlier reported but cannot be re-researched even if all requirements are met.

This seems related to a bug where when Siha Bow Limbs is researched, selecting Mangudai no longer shows their attack value.

This is one that still crops up. Unfortunately I don’t have a timeline on a fix.

There is a bug where completed Masteries occasionally will not show up the Post Match screen; not sure if this is the case here or not.

Either way, next time you see experience your issue, please contact support with your warnings.log file. Thanks!