Mongols’ improved tech are buggy

Are you already tracking and aware that the following improved tech are not available even if you have enough resources and requirements?


  • Siha Bow Limbs

Age IV

  • thithe barns
  • Piety

How to reproduce the issue:

  1. Select the building and click to either the standard tech or the improved one, no matter which one.
  2. When the tech is complete, try to select the normal one or the improved version. The icon is shadowed and not selectable.

This bug seems to affect only those techs.

Don’t know if this is intended, I don’t think so. Have you already noticed that?

The bug occurs in every map and every difficulty.
Let me know if I haven’t been clear enough, my English is not that good.

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Thank you @gabryidle! We are aware and working on a fix. We appreciate the report!

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