Mongol Keshik is just a feudal unit. Need Lancer in age 3 or get some better buffs for the Keshik its self

So the Keshiks in my opinion are a good unit in feudal age. But beyond that they are just a weaker unit.

I feel like in castle age Keshiks should just get lancer stats. Or keep the Keshik in castle and imperial but also let Mongol have the option to recruit the regular lancers in castle and imperial.

Like i said the unit is good in feudal but its potential drops of later in the game. They are not good in combat, its just a raiding unit like mangudai and they are both weak.

So i’d consider 2 options for the devs

  1. Get the regular Lancer back from castle age and keep Keshiks as well and buff the movement speed for the Keshik only.

  2. Buff both Keshik and Mangudai if mixed up together with an aura of a few tiles like camel riders do with camel support. Mongols were known for their superior tactics in cavalry fighting. What the buff will be i don’t know let it me armor, attack speed or whatever. If you wanna see manguds better do something with their stats.

Also i’d like to mention that i always have found it weird that the Khan speed buff arrow doesn’t increase the charge attack. I feel like a charge under the influence of a Khan speed arrow should buff the units charge with extra damage.

Thats what i just wanted to mention about this new unit.


mangudai only need 25 seconds of production time, not game breaking

Maybe mangudai needs a bit of a rework.
They could maybe have stats and cost similar to the rus horse archers but then make the firing while moving thing a special ability that you can activate by pressing a button to use and that has a cooldown, similar to other unique units

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Keshiks in castle age are so dogshit they take ages to kill horsemen.


Kinda agree.
Keshik early age2 are a bit too powerful/spammable, whereas later they seem to fall of slightly.

Well said!
Keshings in Castle and Imperial are just dogshits xD
This unit in these ages is horrible and unplayable…
Counters are 2x more effective against Keshigs and Keshigs are just a little better against buildings and nothing more…

Your proposals are boring and will not make this unit fun to play and make a difference…
It is just boring…
And stop spamming it everywhere.

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Keshik by design are MEANT to be weaker than knights??? Thats why you get them in feudal to set the tempo to where you have a serious impact in feudal leading to age ups.

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I think a good solution to the keshik issue is just add new techs for them in the castle and imperial age that allows them to compete with regular knights.

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Yes. I mean they have the imp upgrade but I’m not sure atm if it worth it. I guess it’s increase the attackspeed by 0,1 or sth like that. Plus 1 or 2 health per hit. But in imp with hc etc not sure if it helps there.

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I know they are weaker than knights and cheaper, they sure did a bad thing about them having the same movement speed as knights as they are considered lighter. But i am talking about castle and imperial these units are utterly useless.

Especially in castle age Lancers are a strong unit to have in combat.

So they should get back the regular Lancer in castle age and beyond. Keep the keshik as well but buff tht speed a little.

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Ghulam turned out to be weaker than his man-at-arms counterpart, but here only keshik matters, applause :clap:

… they are not interested in the meta, they only care about their whims

Ye ofc they should be weaker in resources. They deal more dmg against non armored units and win in equal numbers against English Maa. There was a video from farm man about this. Also they have more speed and they are tanky with their life bonus. Keshik in castle+ looks a bit waek atm. But we’ll see. Mostly I change to trash frontline and hc in imp anyway. Just mix some keshiks in it to kill siege or archer or go for raiding.

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They are supposed to be weaker than maa, it says on the description and in the patch notes that they dont do well vs other armored units but they do better than maa at dealing with basic units like archer and spearman.

Maybe they can start with moving that tech to castle age,


TBH, Mongols do have access to regular knights in Imperial, via Khaganate Palace.

What Mongol need is a damned fix for the Khaganate Palace. Make it function like a Ottoman Military academy, so that you can choose what it’s going to produce. Or have it function like the wynguard/farimba where to buy the units you want it to produce.

Suddently you have access to some pretty good late game unit to compensate for the Keshik and mangudai weakness.

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No one will use that useless landmark.

That is too late, and it is a limited quantity of knights that cannot do much…
So nope!
I don’t agree with you!

It won’t change anything, Keshigs perform miserably against Knights and Lancers.
Plus all other counters.
It is just buffed against buildings as it can heal while destroying buildings…
In all other ways, no person makes a single type of unit and faces Keshig, they are mixed with spearmen, etc and Keshigs die like paper.

The Mongols need buffs for their Horsemen, and keep the Lancer, not Keshig.
Keshig was supposed to be the expensive unit, not the cheap unit…
I really hate this unit.

In AOE2, it at least is tanky and gives gold.
But in AOE4, this unit is like a paper and it just heals little HP, by risking more of its HP…
That I will call total stupidity, that aint worth a shit…

This is why i said start with. The devs can also add upgrades in the castle age such as more hp, more armor, etc.

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Cnmqn someone link a keshik vs video? Or stat comparisons?

Knighs available in imperial is way too late. Knights are too weak in imperial because they get countered so hard by spearman and HC, and only 3 per batch spawning so yeah.

Lancers are stronger in castle thats when you need them.

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