Mongol Khan is not OP at all

Just saw Aussie Drongo’s Youtube video he shared about the Mongol Khan sniping villagers and thought is this guy for real?

TheViper, as I know, is a top player and he could have simply built an outpost to counter the Mongol Khan but he didn’t and it shows it was one of his worst games or he wasn’t there in the proper state or something.

What I wanna say is that people can counter the Mongol Khan easily if they build outposts.
Just let the scout chase off the Khan (cost-efficient approach).
It is not OP unique unit at all and just needs little attention and action.

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A regular scout can chase the Khan off as it will do more in melee damage than the Khan does in ranged. Just YT click-bait hyperbole…


“Sniping vils”…more like throwing nerf darts at the same guy til he dies out of frustration.

The pro’s really seem to avoid outposts a lot in early game even if it means loosing vils or needing to make counter units (also costing wood)…maybe some leftover conditioning from AOE2, where towers are a feudal age building and cost stone?^^

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Building a tower just to not loosing vill against a free and super fast units which can heal himself? If you do that, at equal level it’s instant loose ^^

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No offense - Aussie Drongo is a sympathic guy but his casting, insight and youtube clickbait promotion is just annoying. Dont even watch his videos anymore since its always in the same style with no real benefitial content. Also his casting of the Genesis event and the ongoing KOTH-style tournament is just cringe. Often his Co-Caster Lidakor has to save the cast by just ignoring his questions or transitions and gently moving back to the real important elements of the game.
He just says a lot without any content and spices that up with unnecessary hype. Just like in this video.


Even if they don’t cost stone, they are expensive to drop in the early game, especially since you would need one for wood and gold which is like 300 resources. It’s more annoying than op (it was probably op in beta).

The Viper, as you know, is THE Top player as he won the latest tournament :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding “simply” building an outpost: So you realize I can just wiggle my mongolian scout at you, possibly forcing you to waste wood on outposts rather than production buildings in such a critical phase?

Ugh Aussie Drongo… wasn’t that the guy that kept hyping everyone about a beta 2 weeks prior to release? lol yeah thought so.

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Khan is way too underpowered at dark age. Play a hybrid map, send a vill to dock. And see your vill will die vs enemy scout and your Khan does no damage to enemy scout letting your vill die.

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The man just doesn’t know what to talk and what not to talk in front of people. lol


I also mentioned using scouts to chase the Khan too…

Full of pros here that are better than both Drongo and Viper. Lolz

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Yep full agree, Drongo is kinda always to the Viper side anyway.

For the most part the Khan is really strong, but I wouldn’t say OP, against some late civ like Chinese, HRE or Delhi it’s problematic but after reaching age 2 it’s okay.

Khan is free, so outposts are free… You naive dudes why not straightly pull villagers & build outposts on your foe’s face?

Remove the Khan from the game and Mongol is still competitive civ.

Or just add other “Hero” units to other civs that they get for free - why not?

I like Aussie Drongos videos but if I’m honest I do not give a single flying monkey fart about TheViper, dude.

Literally feels like 90% of his thumbnails have TheViper on them and I genuinely find it bizarre XD

“The Viper” is simply a tried and true quotable name to include in the thumbnails at this point. Other than that, he doesn’t need to include it over the names of the other top players.

Khan is just annoying, it can be a bit more of a problem pn age2 though, but try sieging his ovoo with a couple of scouts and see if the Khan won’t come running back home.

Why should I waste 200 food on scouts when I am not going for pro scouts?

I fee like towers and TCs need to pose some more threat and become useful for once.

Towers can only hold 5 villagers. That’s barely anything while you lose the rest to stupid units like horse archers or knights.

TCs are so annoying. After killing a single unit they target back to stupid ram. You have to manually ask TC to kill individual archer/spear. Its so annoying. Most early rushes would fail if TCs could strategically target important opponents first instead of meat shield like scouts or rams.

Then early rushes would be far too weak and all the civs with the best booms would be top tier and civs like English would be bottom tier