Mongol TC rush

So I assumed that there was some limit to how close you can place buildings near the enemy TC, but that limit does not in fact exist. That said, Mongols can pack up their TC, up it right next to yours, and shoot at your vills with it. There’s literally a dude playing with a controller doing this and he hasn’t lost a QS match yet lol.

Just wanted to put this out there.


That should be easy to defend, just continue developing economy in the back, while opponent is wasting time and send army to kill his unprotected villagers left behind.


I played with this one bit, the thing is if your enemy scouts it you should be completely dead. And even if they don’t you still have no real advantage over them and they should be ahead in villagers.

The only way this should ever maybe work is if you put your TC on their main gold and also tower their secondary gold and are able to deny them getting any gold to age up. Even then I’m not so sure.

They have early horsemen as well, which prevents your vills from walking outside of your TC fire. It sounds insane, but it’s way more effective than it seems.

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True and they would be totally necessary for this to have a chance at success unless the opponent just let’s it happen. Even still they can make spearmen and the Mongol player is sacrificing a bunch of TC time to make this happen.

If the enemy scout sees the Mongol TC on its way it’s just game over for the Mongol player. The Mongol player has to do this right away if they hope to deny the golds so they won’t have horseman yet, the scout can prevent the TC from ever unpacking while it’s killed.

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In my last game against TC rush my opponent had already 4-5 early horseman and I have nothing against his TC trying to unpack + horsemans harass my villagers.

On large maps both players basically don’t know what they doing against each other and I can’t just randomly start build spearmans in every single game just because I should think my opponent doing all-in. If I make spearmans and opponent go to economy instead all-in I going to be behind.

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So this is the persian douche… but on steroids. The Mongol Douche.

They may need to fix this issue. A simple fix would be to give all non mongol TC huge bonus damage to mongol ones.


Wintergaming is playing about with this strat right now. It’s totally broken and needs to be fixed ASAP. I don’t say that lightly, as I don’t have much time for most complaints about balance elements being broken, but this really is broken and stupid.

Re the above comment “you still have no real advantage over them”, that is incorrect. The mongol player has a huge advantage, they basically have a castle they can move over and over and over again. Every time you build a lumber or mining camp, the mongol player can just move their TC and take it out. It’s way way more unbalanced than the AoE 2 DE persian douche.


I see my buddy Yodesla finally found someone good on QS, beat them with a controller, and now everyone is taking this seriously lol. Yeah, I wasn’t joking, this is a serious balance issue.

Hello, this is a broken strategy and it should be addressed. I saw it across all streamers. They complained about this strategy and some suggested to quit playing this game.

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Mongol TCs should just have a “foreign ground” debuff on arrows. Right now it’s like a cobra car. If it did the same damage as dark age Khan, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Edit: VVVVV Sonny got it, make “superior mobility” tier based or take the current upgrade to feudal.


It indeed sounds ridiculous and like its not that strong due to obvious drawbacks, until you see it in action by decent players. It is completely and entirely broken because of the ridiculous Dark Age upgrade that speeds up mongol buildings so they are like actual RACECARS, this shouldn’t be an Age 1 upgrade.


Lowko is currently abusing this strat.

Its hard to tell if he’s just killing low-skill players or if this strat is actually broken.
Does this warrant a balance patch?


If a player is skilled at executing it, then you’re pretty screwed unless you’re a significantly better player than them, or you’re also playing mongols, or you’re on a water map so you can get food from water that will be hard for the mongols player to find and kill off.

Aight so lets say the mongol player needs to walk over there, that’s 2-3 more vills for the defending player meaning 50% more starting economy.

TC next to TC is a draw scenario, every pro AND con the mongol player gets from this situation, the defending player shares as well IF he manages to get the tc up.

You can block tc building by having anything standing under it or chasing the wagon.
Technically, if your scout is chasing the wagon, you can’t set it up anymore without killing the scout at all.

I don’t really see how this should work that obviously OP easy instant close out when the only thing that speaks in favour of the mongol player is panicing the oponent into unusual situations here.
But maybe I’m missing something.


Have you watched any of Wintergaming’s games to see how it works? It isn’t like a persian douche where you try to take the TC out, it’s like having a mobile castle in dark age that you just follow the villagers with. A scout can’t stop it by chasing it as the wagon moves faster than a scout. The main reason why you’d put the mongol TC near the opponent’s TC is to prevent them from taking their sheep. It isn’t an easy instant close out, but it’s incredibly hard for the other player to not slowly accumulate a disadvantage as each of their resource collection locations is taken out.

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You got more vils and a scout… Just attack it if it repositions and he can’t put it up anymore…
Even if you reposition your economy all the time, you constantly produce villagers while the mongol player is just memeing without any damagedealing but forcing vill micro.
I really really don’t see an issue and think you exagurate super hard here.

Again, maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think so.
Send me a video and I’ll look into it if there’s something I don’t get by writing.

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The TC will shoot vills that attack it, you won’t be able to kill the TC, you’ll just kill yourself trying.

This is the VOD of his last stream. I’m not sure where exactly he first encounters it before deciding to start doing it himself, but he looks to be playing against Yodesla at 8hrs 26.

The khan is better than your scout and your scout are not suppose to be in your base at this timing.

This strat is currently broken even in the very top. You can blind counter the build but that still broken

I didn’t say throw your vills into the built up tc wtf…
That’s literally the only thing you are not allowed to do.

Please read the stuff I’ve written again.
You said “he just repositions his tc all the time so you can’t get ressources”.
If the TC is packed together you can just attack it and it won’t be able to build up again cause it’s so slow.

Btw I am not watching a 14 hour vod cause somewhere there is a meme situation in there…
Just show me a replay or timestamp I can work with cause I don’t think it’s viable at all if you don’t want to suicide everything you have cause you cannot give anything up in the short term.