Mongols repair rate of destroyed PACKED landmarks is extremely slow

I described it here firstly, with screenshots:

So basically, if landmark in packed mode gets destroyed and around it are buildings or mountains or water or something, which prevents it from automatically-unpack “as destroyed”, then repairing it takes 5+ minutes to 3 villagers. If the landmark does have space to automatically unpack, because thats what it does after getting destryoed, then it unpacks, catches fire again (even if it already wasnt burning), and can be repaired like 3x faster or so… Tried it, tested it, screenshots with times and hps are in screenshots there.

I was about to comment in your other thread then saw you already made a bug report. This is probably not a bug at all. I had told you that 1 villager repairs a building at a rate of 20 hp/second. However a villager repairs a siege units at a rate of 5HP per second. The Mongols’ packed building probably act as siege units. So most likely there is no bug at all. However unlike for buildings, the repair speed for siege IS proportional (or maybe it is not but for a small number of villagers it is almost linear and thus the repair rate seemed to be proportional to the number of repairers in my tests)

Edit: Correction: even for the vehicule the repair rate is not proportional to the number of villagers (but maybe the diminishing return is less than for buildings. To be verified).

So, are you saying this: ? :smiley:

No I didn’t say that. The slower repair rate for siege is not a bug. And it makes sense to consider the mobile thing a siege unit rather than a building to make it vulnerable to attacks. Not only it is harder to repair but it also takes more damage from a lot of attacks than the building.

This is not true, it does increase but as I mentioned above in the “correction” it is not a linear relationship. See the vids below and check the HP change per second.

1 villager: roughly 5HP/s.
5 Villagers: roughly 16 HP/s. So it takes them slightly more than 5 minutes to repair the packed (5000 hp) landmark from near 0 to full.
12 Villagers: roughly 26 HP/s

Yes, when the building is still alive, it can have slower repair rate to balance out its mobility. But I’m concerned about its destroyes state. It cannot move anymore. And I can’t get the point why it should be repaired slower when you are near terrain blocks, than when you are not. Because when you are not, it unpacks itself and you repair it in reasonable time. For me, when the building is destroyed, it should have full repair rate. What is the ideology for it to be slower in that case?

I see you mean just in that particular state. So the problem is being unable to switch to unpacked destroyed state not really the repair speed per see. I agree it shouldn’t penalize you BUT what you are probably missing is that this could be intended. If you lost it near terrain the question is what was it doing there (most likely in a risky place). I think Mongols players tend, especially in FFA games, to run with their packed buildings if not hide them (landmark victory…) so it is very likely this won’t be changed. But to be honest, in a realistic scenario if the opponent chased your landmark or whatever and burnt it they will probably seek your “repair” attempts and find the villagers.

Since you didn’t provide videos I will do it here as I just replicated the “bug”. Indeed the repair rate in the sate in which it is impossible to unpack is the same as if it were still mobile (so still repairers count matters but their rate is the lower one not the one for buildings).

This video shows the scenario you are referring to

Repairing with 1 villager

Repairing with 5 villagers

Repairing with 10 villagers

yeah, thanks for the videos.

For example, for the first time it happened to me, and I didn’t know that it works that way, was with Kurultai, because that landmark is an in-battle landmark, which often means enemy will try to focus it, which means you often try to run, as I was trying, and enemy destroyed it near my other buildings, he even encircled the landmark so I couldnt move with it, so he decided where it will be destryoed, and I had no clue that if I moved my other buildings near it, away, it would repair faster. I doubt other players know this and have any chance of knowing.

And for kurultai, losing 25% damage buff for like 5 minutes is a game changer, possibly causing loss.

Realistically if you lost the fight in some area near the opponent if not near his base, that are will be under his control at least for a while so you are not expected to be able to go there and repair Kurultai unless the opponent is misplaying.

Thanks, all. I believe there’s some tweaks coming to the packed repair rate in one of the next big updates.