Mongrols are best at everything in this game

Best early and late game economy do to landmarks and bounty’s
Best hurrass unit (horsearcher)
Best army production due to stone
Ovoo and Yam Network best in game bonus hands down
Best in team games. (any weakness like no walls dont matter here. also no house building makes easer to mass and hurrass)
Best to rush to Wonder (yes even faster then French or Roman. In team game this is the meta and there the best)
Best for new players or lower elo. No house building and being able to move base around added with the best and easyest hurrass unit in game. For noobs this is a easy mode

Heres the VID

Playing any other Civ right now and your handicapping yourself and in hard mode.
Its like playing Zerg in SC2 before all the nerfs . Its even worse. the imbalance is 100% worse

I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seem someone hate something so much and yet seemingly force themselves to play and be the most active person in the forums. It’s not good for your health bro, if Relic doesn’t care about you we do. Try to have yourself a good day :grinning:


Mangudai is the most useless unique unit in this game.

French and Roman aren’t that good at pushing lol. Chinese push 10x better with their tank bombards.

I don’t know your elo, but it looks pretty low.
Why? 6 minutes Feudal and 12 minutes Castle xD

Lastly, the Mongol unique upgrades that cost stone almost never gets researched bcse it is overshadowed by the infantry. Cavalry unique upgrades lack dramatically. I hate when the Mongols played as infantry civ.

The Mongols are the strongest civilization in the Early/Mid Game, but later in the Late Game they are one of the worst (in Post-Imperial they are not so bad but very few games reach that point).

We have to find a way that the Early/Mid/Late differences are not too pronounced, so that most civilizations can be used on most maps.

Dude, you wanted to go to SC2 (which is dead, but we’re not talking about that now), what else are you doing here? xD

Well, the number of multiplayer quick matches in AoE 4 has not decreased since the day of release.
Further, judging by the playerbase statistics, we will see that SC2 has 175,119 (at the time of writting post), and AoE 4 has 211,615.
AoE 2 by the way has 223,770.
But in terms of the number of game activity in 1 day, AoE 4 has a figure of 65,501, while AoE 2 has 32,583.
Such an interesting statistic.

why does everyone on these forums just make things up and show no proof.


Surly not best in late game or best in walling…

best at winning all around.