Monk Healing Range buff(and a few possible Teuton changes to offset it)

Honestly the healing range of Teuton monks as of current would be a solid feeling for all civs as far as base range. The base healing range for a generic civ just feels much too short.

Monk type unit healing range increased by 100% or 2x.

Teuton civ bonus changed out for something else(or remains as is to increase healing range further, but that may prove too much, perhaps decreased to 1.5x or even 1.25x with the base increase of 2x range or changed to something else)

Like +1 attack and +2 range on towers.
(+1 attack to offset the lack of the last archer attack upgrade and +2 range to do the same while adding a further +1 to improve it) this would be more of an early feudal bonus, and in the late game it mainly would help by ‘fully upgrading’ towers and having an additional +1 range.

A few other replacements would be:

+5 los on monks

Garrisoned enemy relics/monastery’s are visible

+2 or 3 conversion range

Monks heal themselves by healing other units and heal themselves automatically

Faith is free

Redemption is free

Besides the fact that there’s absolutely not a point in the change you proposed for all the monks, why do you even propose this kind of broken stuff 111111


The point is to increase the base healing range which is overly small for generic civs.

Another option is to just bind the teuton’s monks healing range to their individual line of sight and leave it at that while increasing all generic monk healing ranges by x2

I have always thought that free Redemption is a good civ bonus. Not for teutons ofc, but it would be nice to see a civ with this.

I really miss the point. What is the problem with the current one? The fact that just one civ (actually 2, one just buffed) has a healing bonus makes sense to me.


I just feel like the basic range on all civs is too small, it’s alright if teutons keeps a heal range bonus over all civs, but I think that it would be good to increase the base range to something more bareable for non-Teuton civs

A healing range buff would be more useful for cavalry civs that can move in and out such range more easily while protecting the monk.

Maybe elephant civs can abuse an infinite healing source.

But for archer civs, i doubt it.

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I actually don’t hate these two, they could be quite interesting. However, I’m not sure if monks need a heal range buff. I know that your name literally reflects your way of playing, but it is incredibly niche, and doesn’t really merit a buff, when most people don’t really use monks for healing, or at some levels, not at all. Then again, maybe people don’t use them for healing because the range is too low?

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I’d wager a pretty penny to say it’s most likely the healing range indeed

People already use monks to heal kts out of combat. They pull back the low hp one and heal them up with a couplw of monks.
The reason people do not use monks to heal in fight it’s because you are removong pop from an actual army (unless it’s a kts war, but monks are there to convert, not to heal)

The other point is that monks are hard to keep safe on an open battlefield and standard use of a small square formation tends to not work due to monks casually waltzing out of the squares for one reason or another. It would be nice if that were fixed.

As it should be (20 characters)

In the beginner tutorial it says specifically to protect monks in square formation. It is not working as intended.

It should be hard to keep the monk safe on open field no matter what the tutorial says. The square formation is not as good or as important as you seem to think

That’s bs. [20 characters]

It’s hard enough to keep them safe from archer and siege types. The one feature that was intended to help vs melee units doesn’t work properly. It working properly isn’t a bad thing and it working properly was what the devs intended. How do I know that? Well it blatantly states it in the tutorial.

Good, seeing as they have clear advantages over melee units ranged units should be s threat.

Square formation assumes you have enough units to actually guard what’s in the middle. The more units in the middle rhe more units needed to guard it

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13 units guards 5, 18 guards 10/11, 21 guards 10 monks and 10 ranged units, 29 guards 20 ranged and 11 monks.

The William Wallace campaign was designed by people who didn’t even know that boar lure is a thing so I wouldn’t trust it too much for up to date gameplay tips :sweat_smile:


Yes, we got it, you play with your square formation thingy that makes no sense. The thing here is that there’s absolutely no point in chaging the healing range of monks because yes while also bffing the teutons 11


Bs. [20 characters].

“Bs” said the dude who made a whole post that is only bs, including proposing teuton buffs that made no sense whatsoever.

You want to change a mechanic that needs no change