Monk Patrol

I feel like the only use monks have at my elo level is collecting relics. What if there was a patrol action for monks?
Monks would auto pick the nearest target in range that isn’t being converted yet. If there were certain high value targets you could micro further, but a patrol functionality would still help significantly. It would make late-game monk armies actually somewhat viable – something I’ve never seen at any elo level.

This would be insanely overpowered.

IIRC it was a conscious decision to not allow this option for monks because it made monk armies incredibly difficult to counter, they wouldn’t just be somewhat viable, they would convert anything in their path and be impossible to stop.


Convert is too strong to make it automatic.

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With Monks able to patrol, the Spanish would be broken. Like lol broken. Once you get Inquisition the game would be over basically. Even in team games, you could use your extra gold from trade carts to make masses of monks more easily.

The game would become Age of Monks: Pick only: Spanish or Aztecs.

Madrashah would become an OP tech after such change

It would also be not that efficient.
Imagine monks automatically converting villagers instead of knights. Right now monks auto convert only units that attack them, but with a broader auto convert they’d convert anything in range, and if you don’t manage them the result might be either OP or pathetic.
So, no thanks.

You’d literally break the game

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Aztecs suddenly number one civ lol


Villagers worth it anyway, if not more than the knights because you damage the enemy’s eco while rise yours in one move

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Not if the said knight kills your monk, with the knight converted I could’ve saved the monk, and even killed more villagers maybe.
But this is a digression, the proposed change should never get implemented anyways.

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What Elo are you? How many games have you played? How do you know the balance impacts of this at the most important level of game balance the top 1-2%?

Not trying to be disrespectful but your statement along the lines of I am the only one at my level to use monks highlights that you’ve not much experience against monks / maybe monk experience yourself to know enough to make this kind of suggestion.

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We are agree here 11

Hmm… y’all hate it, but wouldn’t you agree late-game monks need something? I’ve never seen 60 monks, but 60 arbs, 60 paladins, 60 anything else happens all the time.

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Because they cost 100 gold each one

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currently 60 monks don’t work by design.

I agree AOE could possibly be fun if monks were reworked to not be balanced-via-tedium, which would mean increasing the conversion times and implementing monk patrol/defensive stance, but a lot of the current players would hate it because it would be a massive change.

What about a monastery tech in imperial age that adds a patrol action for monks? Maybe then they are used more in lategame and in larger numbers

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Still no. Monk should stay the way they are because the Aztecs and Spanish would be totally broken. Monks cost 100 gold. That’s one of the most expensive units in the game.

And it would need to be even more costly to balance out this suggestion. In order to make it balanced monks probably need to cast 200 Gold a pop. If not 500 gold per monk.

I think a way to give monks a role in imperisl age could be buff their healing ability by a tech. Maybe area healing, or healing range, or healing rate, or some kind of aura mechanic thst buff other units… but conversion is too strong to buff it. Think in 30 monks, if they succesfully convert 15 units it is too much. Gold would not be a problem because you would not need to train another unit… just some trash to defend your monks

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buckle up kids, we’re going on monk patrol


Another amazing joke by @FadedFriend2906, second one today.