Monk type UU?

We have infantry UU, archer UU, cavalry uu, hand cannoneer uu, siege uu, ship uu, why can’t we have a monk uu? Would be interesting.


Play Spanish and you can discover one


only with faster speed. I mean something from castle and can attack.

Monks can’t attack. They convert and heal.
So a UU that attack wouldn’t be a “Monk type”

And Missionaries not only move faster, they are unable to transport Relics and are influenced by Stables’ techs

What do you mean ? If I right click an enemy unit, does it attack or startva convetsion ?

A monk UU should be either something like missionary or a military unit that can pick up relics (and cannot attack while carrying relics).

Some kind of relics carrying swordman may be funny/obnoxious to see as would be hard to kill when they tear down your monastery and run away with your relics.

It might be interesting to have a monk unit which will automatically convert enemy units without the need to micro. It would also be very difficult to balance. Very long cooldown time, low speed and low hp might be able to do it.

But imagine sending out like a 100 of those in a fully closed map team game. That is something I would pay to see.

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I’m not sure about “monk” UU. But we can have some kind of support UU. For instance:

  • Fighter that heal other units while idle. You can call it “warrior-monk”.
  • Unit with some support aura. May be increasing pierce or melee armor for adjacent units. I guess it would be something similar to hussite wagon.
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It the civ lacks:

  • Redemption and good anti siege units (no hussars, FU cavaliers, bbc, SE onagers),
  • Good anti light cav units (no pikes, camels)

it may get balanced.

That might do it in 1v1 games. Increasing the price of the unit to 200 gold or so might do it as well. I actually think that redemption is okay, but they shouldn’t get block printing.
But this would become significantly more difficult in team games, where other players can compensate for this weakness.

It could be rather interesting to have a UU with monk armour.
Scout-type units have a bonus against this, which means it’d be allowed to be relatively strong in 1v1 situations, where its relatively easy to justify scouts or eagles.

One way to utilise that would be to design an all-in unit, that can deliver a devastating castle-drop-into-UU. Since that strategy doesn’t work quite as well in team games by default (?)

Perhaps you could make a 20/80 food/gold cost infantry unit that’s strong enough to send it into palandin-archer battles. I’m not sure. Maybe cav or CA would work better.
Point is, monk armour on such a unit could be interesting, and would open up design space to give it more raw stats than would otherwise be allowable.

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A monk type unit like this that may heal and is melee oriented in both attack and heavy defense would be fairly cool.

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That would require a lot of micro. Not sure if it’s ideal for a game like AoE2.

Healing is usually not a priority; you want to kill units faster instead.

A Japanese Sohei or Shaolin-like monk would be nifty.

In fact, AoE 3 has them.

If anything what we need is a female monk unit.

We need area heal monk.

images (1)
Area healing female monk.


I designed one Infantry Unit with the Monk armor class, that can heal nearby units like monks (but not convert).
I think this can be used as a way to diversify certain unit classes a bit, with healing units that have also the monk armor class, so they can be killed by anti-monk units.

My Idea was the “Doppelsoeldner” for a hypothetical Swiss civilisation, a strong infantry unit that is more resistant to archer fire, but costs way more gold and - with the monk armor class - has two more counters in the eagle and scout lines in the exchange.

Pretty sure this unit is not a swiss unit.

It is. It’s the name of the swiss mercenaries that received double wage (therefore the name doppel = double and söldner = mercenary).
It’s kind of convoluted with the Landsknechts which used the same system of double pay for veterans, specialists and fighters in the first line. As the Gewalthaufen was a mix of multiple different weaponry that had different tasks, some of the soldiers were more important and/or exposed in a combat situation whilst others basically only provided cover like pikes against cavalry charges. Therefore there were the Doppelsoeldners who received more wage because they had to do the heavy duties.

I can’t name a single unit “Gewalthaufen”, that doesn’t makes sense. As a “Haufen” refers to multiple units, not a single one, merged to one battailon. So I chose the Doppelsoeldner to form a complete Gewalthaufen inside the Swiss infantry unit roster, composed of:


So 4 differently specialised forces of Infantry.

But maybe we should make that discussion in the other thread, not here 11

Googling the word says they are germans and fought against swiss pikes.

The Landsknechts were built after the model of the swiss “Gewalthaufen” or “Gevierthaufen”.
Both fielded doppelsoeldner which usually were either armed with 2 Handed swords or Halberds (later on even pole weapons like the Luzerne Hammer) and which had to do the heavy duties and also took the highest risks.
It’s not transmitted if the Swiss Doppelsöldner were called Doppelsöldner aswell (at least I didn’t found that said explicitely), but the concept of the double pay was prevalent in the swiss mercenaries even before the Landsknecht construct was built after that swiss model.

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