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@BoiteRex64 pointed out a new article about retold

I noticed 3 main things:

  • god powers on cd instead of one charge (so long the gave example on zeus lightning bolt, so I think it’s guaranteed for 1st age GPs but I’m not sure about the rest) EDIT: As @EverybodysFoo1 noticed they mentioned meteor as well.
  • increase population cap, but they didn’t tell how and how much. I think it would be best if they not.
  • myth unit’s (and probably hero’s) abilities can be activated manually.

I think all 3 are quite interesting and even welcomed, but I hope the wont overdo it as it can be quite radical change to the game.


they wrote/quoted that meteor-storm will be multiple times useable aswell. and thats a mythic age power so its pretty much confirmed we will see ALL godpowers on CD! THATS AWESOME! makes matches really more exciting!

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I guess they will remove some god powers and introduce new ones. Good bye, Lure, we will miss you. :upside_down_face:


myth unit’s (and probably hero’s) abilities can be activated manually.

umm, that will introduce a lot of micro not sure if that is a good or bad thing, I think they should add the autocast option for the most casual players.


These will have stronger and broader impacts on the gameplay than most DE changes :thinking:

Like if bolt can be used multiple times, the choice between casting it on the early scout or the key late game unit is no more.
Some gps like restoration, eclipse and age 4 aoe damages are for decisive all-in battles but now they can be used again in future battles.
And if rain or prosperity can be used multiple times…
Maybe if the cd is huge then the impact will be smaller.

maybe this or these type of godpowers will get nerfed (or some maybe even changed a bit?) who knows we will see the next months.

So no mention on the china dlc. Not sure if they had forgot (on purpose) or thank god they won’t add it in…
But anyway, what I worry the most is they somehow ruin the VFX like they did to AoE3 DE. Remember back in vanilla, buildings collapsed more physically convincing, rather than sunk into the ground or sinks sucked right into the water.

I guess working on a completely new civ would delay the development of everything else.
They couldn’t leave Chinese as they are, creating new civs for aom is more complex than other aoe games and it seems they already had a lot of work here as they changed more game mechanics than the other DE by far.

My guess they will come either as a free or paid DLC, depending on the price of the basic game, players ETC…

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Correct me if I’m wrong but do you actually believe that the Chinese pantheon/culture is inherently bad and garbage? That is, the developers will not have the mental and physical capabilities to actually learn from the past mistakes and make them visually impressive and fun?

For casual, thus majority its bad. Autocast made game accessible to everyone. Once you can cast abilities, you have effectively turned the game to Warcraft 3, but with 300+popcap… and AoE economy at the same time

Definitely hope for all casuals that autocast is default with an option to cast it for few players who enjoy ordering each individual unit…

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Because at the time that TotD was nothing more than a shallow work, a bad mod but you need to pay. I do trust that Chinese can work well on AoE2 or AoE3. But on mythical aspect? Not worth it, chinese got tons of movies and tv series about fantasy and mythic content, folklore also, with every one of which they twist myth into new things that you can never know which is the original.
Look, seems like chinese legend can’t be preserved anymore, can’t just put such a mess into a good game not worthy, unlike with the west, everything is throughout studied and built up, so when you put it into a game, it’ll be more convincing and captivating to experience.

I disagree. There are tons of mythological reference books that developers can simply look up and research. It is not just the Chinese who have some ‘preservation’ problems. There are other westernized mythos with inconsistencies as well. Look at the hydras, the scyllas (since when do they look like quadrupedal dinosaurs?), and then you have the bipedal Cerberus. None of them remotely look like the ones shown in ancient Greek vases. Even the Atlanteans have Roman units, which, in history, never happened at all.

Instead of completely giving up on a potential and rich culture, I think the new developers should hire an expert on mythologies and give the Chinese culture a second chance. Its mythology is as different as, say, the Greeks to the Egyptians and to the Norse. It would be a huge loss if they decided not to revisit the mythology again.


Ok my point is that if they reboot it properly, then yes, but hardly it happens, because it takes way too much time for a thing that’s far gone not lost, but sure, just you hope. True there are also some twists in western myth shown in the game, but just minor things.

I do hope they take fan requests seriously. No doubt the Chinese culture is far from being perfect. I agree that there are some bits that will require time and research. And some that maybe too time consuming. They can get rid of the jiangshi from the Qing dynasty and replace it with something else as a start…

I hope there is also some cost for reusing them. It would be annoying to have the same god powers constantly rain down on your base again and again every 5 minutes.

I hope we don’t have to activate all abilities manually, that would result in a lot of micro.

One thing that really annoyed me about Starcraft 2 is that they kept replacing passive abilities with active ones. So much annoying micro for less interesting abilities.

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On the one hand I love to hear we can use god powers more than once, but on the other hand it makes a balance nightmare. But they have mentioned e-sport and tournaments several times so it sounds like they will take balancing seriously which is good in that case.

Hopefully they bring in the pro players for input.

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  • why does it have to cost to balance something? Think about it like that: there are other possibilities like higher CD, smaller cast radius, shorter duration. :wink:

  • about the activatable abilities I agree this sounds like too much micro. I hope, if they do this, there will be an option to toggle this on/off that it either automatically casts or manually OR - maybe even better - let it always be automatically but if you want you can use it manually but for the cost of a higher CD.

I really like boit and rapl input so I agree.

But the abilities should be cool and impactfull, that’s one of the major draws of the game.

Give players the first use for free, future ones cost Favour.
This way players won’t always directly use it when the cooldown runs out because a lot of abilities don’t require line of sight.
Having a periodic Fimbluwinter sounds annoying.

That would be cool tbh.