More love for aztec WC

all WC have a bonus against something (Haudenosaunee against buildings, Lakota against artillery and Inca against cavalry.). In addition, they also surpass WC in terms of the number of skills. It would be illogical to ask that they give some love to the Aztec WC. the Aztec WC was previously broken by its synergy with “Healing Ceremony”, but now it is the most boring WC of all; They even nerfed his speed heavily when the Inca WC is faster, with stronger armor (although melee), it has much, much more damage, summons two types of units and can improve them more, has more abilities and its aura has double effect. Although, the Inca WC is heavy infantry and that brings many disadvantages, I think the WC deserves some improvements.

I think that at least the eagle explorer should be given more utility. Due to the Aztecs’ weakness against infantry, I would also give the Aztec WC and pet jaguars a bonus against infantry or heavy infantry starting at age 3 or 4. That wouldn’t completely fix the Aztecs’ problems. Aztecs, but I would make them up a bit and make the WC more interesting.

Speaking of heroes, European scouts should also get buffs. because compared to the other heroes they are the most forgotten (the improvements of the next patch I feel are insufficient.).

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Yes but don’t forget they also have access to the dog explorer, which is very strong.

As for the Aztec warchief I agree he needs some improvement.

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I think it’s fine as it is, sure it’s not the powerhouse it once was when it had cover mode but it’s still incredibly tanky and probably still the best explorer in the game in regards to combat effectiveness.
The inca explorer can become very strong but not until the age 4 card is sent and aztec war chief becomes incredible by aging up to fortress with the chief and then sending smoking mirrors card in age 3 so you get a top tier explorer a lot earlier on in the game and it’s easy to reliably get. Also far easier for the aztec to get 10 warrior priests to buff the chief compared to inca getting 10 priestesses.

As you mentioned jaguars I’d also like to suggest buffing the peruvian dogs, I never, ever see them used and with good reason because they suck. They’re way worse than spanish war dogs despite requiring a card to send and you have far less ways to buff them and they just melt vs anything.

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I think that the Inca WC is superior in combat to the Aztec WC in all ages (30% vs. mele) even with the support of the war ceremony or the ceremony of the war chief; The Inca WC can be targeted by the archers, but if both WC fight over a treasure at age 1 or early age 2 the Inca WC has the upper hand.

Also the Inca WC is faster than the Aztec WC in all ages (“Sapa Inca” is available at age 1), it has a big button that improves armor, the shadow technologies of ages 3 and 4 that strengthen the WC are better than the equivalents of other Native American civilizations, it has a X2 bonus against cavalry, it has the Condor Eye ability (Cuachic Ascension only works against guardians), the eagle scouts are a bad joke next to the chasquis, it receives + 500% damage at age 4 (Aztec WC with maximum war ceremony does not exceed the dps of Inca WC without using war ceremony.).

The only two disadvantages of the Inca WC over the Aztec WC are that dogs are less useful than pet jaguars (which is not that pet jaguars are that useful either) and that the Inca WC is heavy infantry.

Yes, Peruvian dogs are excessively fragile. What good is a shipment of age 4 that provides 24 units that even the wind kills them and causes less damage than a mosquito bite? They might as well remove that card because using it would be a waste. Still, with just the chasquis the Inca WC outperforms the pet jaguars and eagle scouts.

By the way, the Peruvian dog is the only military unit (I’m not counting the warrior priests although tec######## they are military units) that is symmetrical to an Aztec unit and is weaker than it. I dare say that if the Incas had versions of the ERK, the AK and the JPK the developers would decide that these were improved versions of the Aztec version.

Does anyone know why the word “technically” appears censored?

Et ce n’est pas le seul souci des Aztèques si on regarde du coté de leur unités aussi. Ce WC est selon moi l’un des moins utile des unités héros et il faut deux (ou trois?) cartes pour l’améiiorer, mais bon il faut dire que ça date la dernière game que j’ai fais avec cette civ

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In a 1 on 1 fight the inca explorer pretty much will always win because of his 30% melee resistance yeah, Fighting in general I prefer the aztec chief though because he’s just a generic infantry unit so hardly anything counters him and he has some ranged resistance so you can rush him in and 1 shot falconets really easily once you’ve aged up with the chief for the aoe ability. Inca war chief is good vs cav but any archer or skirm counters him and he goes down really fast.

You can get more speed with the card yeah but on the other hand aztec chief can get smoking mirrors in age 3 to get the extra 2 aoe on attacks while the inca chief gets that only from the age 4 card. The extra aoe combined with the chief age up gives you a devastating attack from fortress age which is something the inca chief lacks as many games never even reach age 4.
I’d imagine the inca chief gets a bit more stats from card/shadow tech just because inca lack a chief age up like aztec has and the inca chief just feels a lot more fragile due to being countered by any light infantry unit.

Once artillery comes into play, the Aztec WC doesn’t last long on the battlefield either. Now the Aztec WC is slower than before and if the WC acquires the swashbuckler attack at age 2 or 3 this will be a weaker version. I remember that the swashbuckler damage for the Aztec WC is less than 200 at age 2 and just over 200 at age 3. so there is only a window of time before the Aztec WC loses the ability to defeat a falconet by just one hit. In order to get the Aztec WC to retain the ability (to destroy cannons with a single hit) indefinitely you would have to acquire the swashbuckler attack of the age # ## age 5. it’s easier to take out a falconet with the Inca WC’s swashbuckler attack (much more damage, no damage change if you get it at age 4 or 5 and the Inca WC is considerably faster). Normally the cannons are protected by anti-cavalry units that have no bonus against the Inca WC.

The Aztec WC is still slower than the WC even with the smoking mirror and the Inca WC is much faster at age 1 age 2. Which means that at age 1 and age 2 the Aztec WC can’t do anything against the Inca WC ; he can’t fight and he can’t run away either.

For the rest of the heroes, normally if they are faster than other heroes then they are not able to defeat them and if they are stronger their speed doesn’t exceed 4.5 so that other heroes have a chance to escape.

The Inca WC can receive 5.5 speed and 30% resistance at age 1. That’s why the Inca WC received a 75% bonus against heroes, but the 75% bonus is weaker than the 30% resistance. Other heroes can make up for that fact with their ranged attack or by having a speed higher than 5.5. But the Aztec WC does not have ranged attacks (even the Inca WC can acquire a ranged attack that can be used not only against guardians.).

So there are only two fair options: the Aztec WC is faster than the Inca WC at age 1 and age 2 or the Aztec WC is capable of defeating the Inca WC at age 1 and age 2.

Yes, but the Inca WC has many more improvements at its disposal than the Aztec WC without shadow technologies. In addition, the WC Inca can acquire a normal attack for 80 damage and a swashbuckler for 800.

I write this to rescue a reflection from the bible that I wrote: it is not fair that at age 1 or 2 a hero is slower than a rival hero and at the same time is not able to face him. The Inca WC’s bonus should be at least 70% against heroes to compensate for its 30% melee resistance or it should not exceed speed 4.5 until age 3. The Inca WC’s receiving +1 speed at age 1 does not makes sense.

Pourquoi ne pas fusionner le miroir de fumée avec la carte de l’age 1 qui boost ses HP et ses dégâts ?

I would add another aura instead, as its more usefull when he is back training jaguars. Its the only one with just an aura while Hauds get buildings HP, Lakota get attack and Siege attack and Inca strength their one.

Add to that the fact He hasnt got any ranged attack and an age up is needed to unlock his speacial attack.

You all can say “Aztecs get stronger plaza, so not needed”, but its not anymore since North americans got healers as stronger-than-villagers dancers without losing benefits.

then that card would increase the efficiency of the warrior priests, increase the HP, damage, WC speed and give him an area attack. I think it would be too many benefits for an age 1 card. We would also have a second hero with the problem of the Inca WC: most of the heroes would not be able to escape or face the Aztec WC at age 1 and 2.

Vous avez sans doute raison,mais alors déplacer à l’age deux le miroir sans fumée serais une meilleur idée ?

edit: car en réfléchissant bah le WC aztèque à la vélocité d’un camion couplé au fait qu’il est assez vulnérable, si on met miroir sans fumée à l’age un ou deux il est trop fort, si on le laisse à l’age 3 il est useless, il faut donc retravailler ce WC, que ce soit au niveau des cartes ou/et les stats.

I would give it both: a bonus against heavy infantry and a second aura. But I think it will be difficult to get them to give any major improvement to the Aztec WC. if I had to choose, auras are usually much more useful.

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Vous avez sans doute raison,mais alors déplacer à l’age deux le miroir sans fumée serais une meilleur idée ?

It could help, but I think it would be fair to give improvements to the Aztec WC and not just give it the current ones at earlier ages.

Come to think of it, regardless of whether they buff the Aztec WC or not, the correct thing to do is to nerf the Inca WC at age 1 and 2; it’s too much 5.5 speed and 30% resistance vs melee. that not only makes it able to “hunt” other heroes, but it is also much more efficient at taking down guardians (he can force guardians to melee, where they have 30% damage reduction.).

Je vois, c’est une piste que les devs pourraient creuser

Et W,C traduit en toilettes, on voit le traducteur qui est un peu à la ramasse :rofl:

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Aztec chief gives bonus xp aura to military units.

Auras are one thing and attack bonuses are another. All the WC have both (auras and bonuses on their attacks) except the Aztec WC which has an aura but no bonuses.

We love Aztec this civ and we always consider Aztec in our balance patch, in the future path for Aztec WC, we are happy to show our love and announce we are going to nerf Aztec WC aura due to their strong bonus. This consideration purpose is to enhance Aztec player’s skill for the game, namely Aztec player can always have better skill than other civs player.


J’avoue, j’ai rigolé :joy: