More options for the King (Regicide Mode)

Hey community!
In this post i wanna cover some thoughts how the Regicide Mode could be expanded/evolved. Instead of just letting the King sitting in his castle → being just a passive observer, give the player following option.

In the third age there is a new passiv/offensive way to use the King as Leader of the Army!

  • Tech (Mount the King) 500 of each ressource
  • through that the King is now on a Horse with increased stats and an Leader Aura (surrounding army gets +1 Armor and 10% increased damage)
  • He can´t get loaded into a castle/tower anymore because he is now mounted

This is just a beginning thought but i think it would produce some nice battles and shifts into the game.

Write your thoughts to this.
Thank you!

Hello :slight_smile:

I think also that the king should also be able to fight and should be faster.

I made a post recently were I also wrote some suggestions for improving the mod as well as a possible hero mod.

Kind regards

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Nice to see that this has already be a more common thought. I mean hey it makes completely sense and would make such cool battles and tactics!

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