More personalization of the castle

hey guys.
I think it would be much better if a place was added to the game where we could personalize our castle.
for example:
Skin or soldiers weapons, castle flags or anything else related to the castle.
I don’t know!
I think this is a good idea.
What do you think?


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I’ve wanted this type of thing for a long while, and asked for it a couple times… in AoE2 forums and maybe in AoE4’s, too. Having the ability to do late-game stuff to make my town/empire look unique, personalized, and cool when playing with/against the AI or friends would be nice. (I was more thinking along the lines of just adding personal touches near my town and/or across the lands, rather than on our castle or different unit skins/weapons, though; but that could be nice, too.)

There are times when the game is pretty much over for the AI, but I (or friend and I) play an additional hour or two just collecting resources, adding walls and having fun, making 100+ trade carts and/or cogs, and messing with the AI, in general. For me, this is where I’ve felt it would be the perfect time to just sit there and customize my towns or the map in many different ways that don’t impact gameplay, but are purely or mostly decorative touches. I feel restricted by the game at this point in the match – and feel opportunity for more to keep me entertained as the gamer. And it wouldn’t involve the trap of constant civ balance changes or the plethora of other issues wrought from competitive gameplay mechanics.

Being able to add and custom-place my own individual flags, flag-posts, paths, statues, torches, columns, tombstones, broken down carts, monoliths, stone lions, boulders, fountain, water feature, or whatever… wherever I want… one-by-one is my dream when the match is all but over and you have a ton of resources to play with and no enemy threat to worry about. In the case of AoE2, there are many assets you never see in random map games because they are used for campaigns and scenarios. I bet AoE4 is similar. With this personalization ability, it could leverage all those assets that already exist in the game.

I’ve proposed this stuff being opened up in maybe a 5th age (researched after Imperial), rather than it being possible the entire game. And even maybe make it very costly to upgrade to (even, say, 10K or 20K+ wood/stone/gold each)… since late game, and in these situations, it’s often that you have a ton of resources to play with. It could just as easily be a new tech added to the Imperial Age that needs to be researched rather than a 5th age if making a 5th age is controversial.

PS: You posted to the “Insiders” area of the forum. You maybe meant for it to be in the AoE4 Discussion area, or?

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