More realism would be kinda cool

Whatever, I don’t care

Yes, let’s add changes for the sake of changes, it clearly helped AoE 3, HoMM 4 and other similar games, when the developers pushed unnecessary innovations into them so that they would just be.
Any new gameplay elements must have some kind of justification for their presence in the game, for example, if this was not enough in the previous part of the series, but at the same time maintain the overall look of the franchise.

Well, partially what is written here in the game is already there. The game has terraforming when building the area, and destroyed buildings leave ruins, which also affects the appearance of the landscape.
Walls killing soldiers? Sounds like realism for the sake of realism, I don’t think it can be effectively used in gameplay, it’s like those tricks that are fun to try a couple of times and then forget.
I know how the battlefield can change, and I also know that human bodies do not dissolve in the air, but they dissolve.

I think you know what a physical model of behavior in RTS is, it always creates a reason for funny screenshots in Steam.
I prefer beautiful animations to unpredictable physics.

In AoE 3, the physics of destruction of buildings looks like polystyrene, sorry, but even the destruction of locks in AoE 2 looks better, but the bodies are not subject to full physics, they fall according to the animation.

CoH 2 is an example of bad body physics.
We can’t say how good the physics and animations are in CoH 3, since we only saw the alpha and there people made a lot of gifs and screenshots with broken animations and unit models, but CoH 3 seems like a bad game to me for other reasons, but it’s probably beautiful and colorful, but it has huge downsides.

Once again, I don’t care.
I express my point of view on dubious topics, if someone doesn’t like it, well I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be a “sugar boy” either, if a person says stupid things, I react like any normal person.
I repeat once again, meaningless changes for the sake of changes and the blinkered fanaticism of fans of the old game who cannot grow up are equally unacceptable for me.

That’s your response for lying? Wow…

No, for the sake of the game. Without changes the game becomes bland

How are better physics and weather mechanics unnecessary? Please, let us take a peak into your great wealth of knowledge

Is he asking for something like a card system or home cities? Didn’t think so…

You argue for the sake of arguing…

Then please, explain why these change the overall look of the franchise? They haven’t been in the game previously because the games are old, these features were not present back then

Not really

? No it doesn’t, you can’t terraform in this game. If you want really good terraforming in an RTS, check out Zero-K

So did AoE2, lol

How? It makes you pay attention to the walls health so your units don’t die.

Why not? As I said, it adds depth to sieges

Yes, AoE2 left behind corpses that made it look like a battle happened. AoE4 does not, they don’t even have blood. And no, you can’t use the “realism just for the sake of realism” because blood and corpses have been in every age game, besides, none of these changes are “for the sake of realism” they would positively effect gameplay and add depth. You were complaining that CoH3 didn’t add anything new, guess what, to add new stuff you gotta come up with new mechanics. You said “why not add naval” With the logic you are using now I can just say," Naval doesn’t fit the CoH identity"
But oh wait, you can only use that excuse…

Point out where I said unpredictable physics…I’ll wait

Attack units with a cannon in AoE3, tell me that according to animations

When they die, when they are alive CoH2 animations aren’t that much worse than AoE4. That’s kinda say for a game almost a decade old

People made a lot of gifs and memes about AoE4, yet here you are defending it

For you maybe. Like you said, it is subjective but if more people like it than that’s just your problem. Your logic from other threads, not mine

Because normal people argue with everyone who has a different opinion than them. Suure…

This is ridiculous. Because you don’t think they belong in the game they become “meaningless changes” because you know what changes are correct for the game? Please…
You’re right, someone here does need to grow up and it isn’t any of us…


What should I do? I know my position, I don’t care what some person from the Internet thinks of me.

Once again, they have to be grounded, it doesn’t have to be something like HoMM 4.

I can understand the change of day and night in WarCraft 3, there it affected the gameplay, but even there it was due to clear timings, if we add random rain to the game that slows down the shooting of archers, we get a random that harms clear calculations.
Instead of adding random weather at any inconvenient moment, it is enough just to have maps with already prepared weather effect that will not affect anything, but at the same time it should not be striking.

So are you.

Okay, I’ll give you the simplest example, the card system in AoE 3, is it terrible, was it before? No. She lacked a series? No. Does it bring balance or in any way improve the gameplay of the game? No, it breaks it down and adds problems with balancing the game. The conclusion is that this change is useless.
And so we go through each change.

Yes, that is, the landscape does not change after the construction of houses, buildings and everything else on it? And the ruins from the buildings also do not remain? Apparently I was playing a different game.

This is a game where houses can be built close to each other, yeah …

Okay, I’ll explain what the problem is here with HoMM 4 as an example.
Am Developers decided that it would be fun if the player’s hero is a unit on the battlefield with a health scale, it would seem that there is a bad thing here because the player will follow the hero in battle, the hero will honestly receive damage, again more realism …
Only this became an unnecessary problem for the player, the gameplay is quite eventful and distinctive, it did not require additional inflating of the game mechanics that just add something new.

But after all, the human body cannot lose meat and skin in a matter of seconds, it takes a lot of time, and then the skeleton dissolves in the air, again realism does not work.
Blood? Is the red spot under the unit a sign of realism for you?
I already explained this problem to another person, AoE never showed realistic violence, it was always frivolous, like in Red Alert, people kill each other, but you have fun.

My problem with CoH 3 is not the amount of gameplay innovation, although that’s a problem as I don’t like the classic CoH gameplay.

You did not say, but it is always unpredictable, this is proved by the RTS where there is physics of bodies.

That’s right, this is not a full-fledged ragdoll physics.

You can see screenshots in Steam and all those stupid and broken poses in which the bodies of killed units fall, it looks rather ridiculous)

Some people somewhere are doing something …
I can go to Steam and find gifs with funny CoH 2 physics right now in 2 minutes.

Normal people defend their point of view

If you want to be sugary sweet and seriously consider every crazy decision like “why don’t trees grow in real time”, for God’s sake, do it, I say it as it is, if something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck.
Yes, this is a very consistent argument about growing up, it is usually children and adolescents who use it, because they still do not understand that an adult does not mean smart.
When I talked about AoE 2 fanatics, I didn’t mean literally to grow in terms of age, but to grow in terms of perception, outgrow the shell of an egg.

Are talking about the Definitive editions right, because the original AoE 3 has much better destruction then aoe 2. Aoe 3 DE has just as good probably better destruction animations then aoe 2 de

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Unfortunately, sometimes pieces of a building can fly off very smoothly, as if they weigh nothing.

I don’t really get what your saying. In aoe 2 all buildings collapse like planned demolitions


I talked about AoE 3, sometimes the pieces of buildings there move as if they have no weight.
AoE 2 is forgivable that bricks fall into each other, it’s still a 2D game, but AoE 3 has the physics of building debris.

I think I know what you mean. But it still looks good. That’s what disappointing with aoe 4. They made the DE games and they all look great. Then they make a brand new game and looks kinda ehh


Don’t lie, that is what you should do…

So? It adds strategic depth to the game, plans go awry all the time due to weather, why not represent that in the game?

No, it actually isn’t, people want to see a snowstorm effect the game, not just," Oh yeah, those guys are in a blizzard and aren’t even shivering"

Everytime I see you post, it is arguing with someone because they simply gave their opinion…

I’ve already stated the card system is bad

Except you said nothing I didn’t already know and agree with. Adding weather mechanics and better physics is nothing like adding a card system

The landscape itself doesn’t change, you are just seeing the building. Those gardens and yards are a part of the building, that is not what terraforming is.

That is not terraforming and as I said, ruins remained in AoE2, the only difference is that they last longer now that it doesn’t effect performance

That has nothing to do with leaving ruins

Yes, let’s compare a TBS to an RTS
Those are 2 different things, if you wanted to give an example, give an example of a classic RTS

Point out where I am asking for realistic corpses. You seem to purposely ignore the fact that AoE2 had corpses and blood and then say," AoE never showed realistic violence"
Apparently crying out when you die and leaving a puddle of blood isn’t realistic…

I saw you explain it and I partially agree with it. But AoE HAS shown violence, not TW or AL level of violence but it is still there. You really believe that this isn’t violent or graphic for the time?
Look at the corpses, look at the blood around the dead bodies. How can you tell me that isn’t violent

What is it then?

Some type of physics are unpredictable but not all and it is not always unpredictable.

It is not TABS level ragdoll but it is still ragdoll. And it is unpredictable. Does that make it bad? Apparently…

I know. I have seen them. Except it doesn’t happen that often, at least not that you notice that often. Because, as you said in another thread, you don’t zoom in very often since you are playing the game. Unless you want to recant what you said before…
And most people find the ragdoll physics in CoH2 funny, so you can’t really say it is bad if people like it.

Good, it’ll be fun to watch.

It is not defending if you weren’t being targeted. Let’s say you’re walking down the street (or looking through the forum threads) just passing by and you hear someone say something that you disagree with. The normal person just keeps walking, they don’t even know that person, why would you get into an argument? If you start telling them how wrong they are and why your opinion is right, that is not defending, that is attacking.

Again more lies, I have never said I want trees to grow in real time.

For someone talking about what an adult means you sure don’t act like one…


Well, how great … They certainly look good, if compared with the originals, the games are literally beautiful, but AoE 2 is still a 2D game with all the ensuing problems of animations and sprites, AoE 3 looks beautiful at first glance, but if you start looking closely, then the units are all still square in places, especially in the arms, but no matter how good AoE 3 DE looks, it is unfortunately still AoE 3, with cards, hometowns and other dubious things, if it was called Age of Colonialism there are no questions.

Do you even play aoe 3 If you zoom in the units look great not square at all And the card system actually enhances gameplay

Here we go another aoe 3 isn’t AoE because it is different from 2

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You behave very ugly, calm down, we certainly believe you, you are right in everything.

I have already explained why this is bad.

Yes, it would seem a good idea, but it does not work in a network game at all, Relic has already stepped on this rake with CoH 2, where, as a result, the effect of a blizzard was removed, since it broke the gameplay, better maps with a weather effect.

Every time I see your post you prove something to someone.

Yes, this is a useless change for the sake of change, if it weren’t for it, the game wouldn’t get worse.

Using the diagram I have provided, ask yourself about the weather affecting the course of the battle, if the game needs it.

So, let’s figure out what terraforming is. Terraforming consists of two words Terra (Earth) and Form, building a house changes the shape of the landscape, if you roll a part of the lawn behind your house into concrete, this will include terraforming.

Yes, but this does not affect the landscape in any way, the environment does not change, the house just screams in the middle of the field like a foreign object, houses can be built close to each other, I think you have not seen houses that are close to each other, so here’s even a bit of realism for you.

Oh my God, I was not comparing the games themselves, but the unsuccessful decisions of the developer to change the game, is it really that difficult.

Yes, because the units in AoE 2 scream in pain, they cut off their limbs, the game shows violence that can be trusted, right? No.
Violence in AoE is not real, like in DooM or Red Alert, you will never believe it (unless you have a good imagination), and the presence of blood does not make the violence realistic (in Red Alert there is also a lot of blood and remains of corpses), this is determined other factors, otherwise Doom would be banned as well as Man Hunt.

This is a fairly broad topic, and perhaps it doesn’t even belong on the AoE forum.
But personally, I have a problem with CoH 3 in its toothlessness, I’ll explain now.
The game shows us the Second World War, I think everyone knows who fought with whom there, the developers each time assure about the historical reliability of the CoH series, when CoH 2 was released, they assured that they studied some “secret documents”, in the end, in the game, which directly states that the developers studied some documents and want to show us the historical accuracy, we do not have Nazis. Yes, there is not a single Nazi in the game, do you know why? Because the German troops do not have the appropriate symbolism (I understand that this may be due to the limitation of the law, but Wolfenstein is not embarrassed), we again have fantasy Germans with abstract “crosses”, is this a game about reliability? And I’m not even talking about the fact that their previous game CoH 2 was so offensive and distorted the real story so much that in some countries it was taken off the market, so yes, CoH has problems with how it shows the second world war , this is not the Middle Ages, these are relatively recent events whose participants are even still alive.
Well, I’m also just tired of the classic gameplay of Relic games, endless boring point captures …

The problem is that you cannot predict the behavior of physics, higher quality physics will be hard enough for the game, and even it will not guarantee that corpses will not fly around the map.

Well, personally, it seems ridiculous to me, the prepared beautiful animation of a soldier falling looks more impressive, and we will be sure that his body will not fly 10 meters away from a shot from a gun.

That’s why most of the crimes or accidents happen, people just walk by.

You don’t have to take everything literally, this is an example.

Well, you and I are just two avatars on the forum, a set of pixels, you cannot refute my words, and I cannot refute yours, until we have weighty proof of identity in our hands.
In this case, any of our statements are equivalent.

Well, yes, AoE 3 is not AoE in principle, like AoM, it is too unlike the classic series of the game, just call it differently and there will be no problems.
And yes, the card system is really a bad decision, it breaks the gameplay, it complicates the balancing of the game and makes you mess around with building a “deck”, it’s tedious and not interesting, it also gives an advantage to the player who made the deck more correctly, and it is important that his opponent can play better overall, the game would not have become worse if there were no deck of cards.

Actually aoe 3 is aoe in principle. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean the it isn’t aoe. AoE 2 is different then aoe 1 but it is still aoe.

Yeah that’s called skill playing the game. That’s like saying I lost in aoe 2, which I do a lot by the way, and saying this game is unfair because my opponent was more skilled with his economy and crushed me.


Lad, that’s a little hypocritical to say calm down with so much aggression.

Why doesn’t it work? Why is change this vile in your eyes? Wouldn’t it be cool for the lakes to freeze over, or a blizzard blocking your line of sight? You’ve gotta admit, that’s a cool game mechanic. And the argument that it “can’t work” is completely false. It can work as long as it is implemented and executed well.

…is proving something supposed to be a bad thing? I can prove that this is a worthless sentence.

It’s not a change for the sake of change, they implemented it and it didn’t really go how they wanted it to. It was customizable and unique, but executed improperly.

you gotta admit, weather effects are cool in video games. On that topic, have you seen the Battlefield 2042 trailer? Those weather effects should serve an example to the general idea in gaming.

Definition of terraforming or not, you know that’s not what he meant. He literally said what he meant, siege weapons making holes, etc. Once again, that would be cool. He is literally using constructive criticism- it helps games. How else do you think games improve from the community’s feedback? An example of non-constructive criticism is that guy saying the game is a disaster. It’s a suggestion, not a demand.

I don’t understand English grammar at all, it makes no sense to me. Can’t comment on this one. I’m minoring in English as a foreign language so I’m still working on that. Sorry.

I actually agree with you on that part. It doesn’t show realistic violence, there’s just a splatter and a corpse. But honestly, I’d like to just have corpses decompose on the ground. Like the AoM skeletons.

Doom violence is not real either, it’s overexaggerated daemon deaths.

There’s plenty of games that have decent physics engines. There will always be occasional ragdoll glitches, but those are hilarious.

The bodies flying in AoE3 are ridiculous, but that’s based off of a physics engine from 2005. And before you talk about the DE, that has the same outdated physics. This is a AAA game under Microsoft, I’m pretty sure they can manage more than the body flying. Once again, it’s constructive criticism to give improvement advise. This is not him attacking the game.

Crime? When was crime mentioned? He said explicitly as an example that someone is saying something you disagree with. I do partially support you though, because debate with someone with a different opinion is good. It allows you to hear multiple sides.

Let’s keep the talk of personal identity out of here.

There isn’t a baseline for the franchise. They all have unique sides, and they are all AoE games if you like them or not. Determining which one you like more is a matter of subjectivity.

Good idea, bad execution. Still a fun game though in my opinion, but once again, subjective.

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Says the person who is always posting in a condescending tone and telling people how wrong they are

I have already explained why this is good.

Company of Heroes isn’t AoE2 is it? Besides, Snowstorms would make you get inside your base since it is hard to fight in the snow unless you are prepared (Finns vs the Soviets before WW2), perhaps units could even make camps that give a debuff to the snowstorm.

Lying must come naturally to you…

AoE3 failed because it changed the core mechanics of the series.

The game doesn’t need any extra mechanics, does it? But you add them so it isn’t just a copy of past games with upgraded graphics

Terraforming or terraformation (literally, “Earth-shaping”) is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology of a planet, moon , or other body to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life.

As you can see, pretty looking gardens popping up next to your houses isn’t terraforming. Actually now that I read up on what it is I have no idea why we use this in video games, as it’s not what we are doing.

Wow, maybe because the game is old.

It is difficult. You are comparing design decisions from developers from a TBS game to design decisions from an RTS game. Even if it wasn’t a TBS, the example you gave had nothing to do with my comment.

Are you purposely ignoring my point or do you honestly not understand?
Point out where I say I want the units to be dismembered, point out where I want the units to be slashed to bits with guts and gore everywhere. All I am asking (since you are so adamant to the game staying true to its identity) is for the devs to give us AoE2 battles in 3D. Is that too much to ask without someone yelling at you for wanting TW violence?

Because CoH2 was “bad” you are now biased into thinking that CoH3 is doomed to be bad?
You complain about CoH2 being offensive yet are mad that they didn’t portray the Nazi’s. I can only imagine the backlash they would get, even Wolfenstein didn’t let you play the Nazi’s. As you said, these are recent events, fresh in people’s minds.
And if CoH2 was so offensive and distorted (this is your opinion) why does it have a decent playerbase on steam? It is an RTS afterall, most RTS games don’t have a big playerbase (TW, AoE2, and SC2 don’t count because of how popular they are)

Are you serious? Tired of the classic gameplay of relic games yet you want AoE gameplay to stay exactly the same. How do you not see that as a double standard?
And also, since you don’t like the CoH gameplay that makes CoH3 bad?

So because you don’t like something about the game, it is automatically bad? Weren’t you the one talking to @KittyWolf214 in another thread about how," It is ok that you like the game but the general opinion is Ancestors Legacy is bad"
But now, since YOU don’t like something, the game is bad, even though the general opinion is CoH2 is one of the greatest RTS games ever made. Ok…

What is preventing them from adding slightly upgraded AoE3 physics to the game? You yourself said they still have animations.

They don’t fly 10 meters away when shot with a gun, they fly 10 meters away when they get blown up. Ya know, like humans in war do?

And that’s all well and fine but more people like it the other way.

That is an entire other situation, don’t twist what I said

Didn’t look like an example

Sounds like you are being genuine

It changes too many of the core mechanics to be called AoE. Not to say it isn’t part of the franchise but I don’t think it a good game

What is more different. AoE2 than AoE1 or AoE3 than Aoe1

Many people are extremely happy about BF 2042 but that game is also an arcade shooter, is supposed to be more sandbox.


The problem is that nations have different decks, and some nations are weaker than others.
I assure you that if there were no decks of cards in the game, it would become better and have more players.

This is going nowhere and has just turned into a useless argument that is clogging up the thread. Let’s just agree to disagree and leave the thread to discuss the OP

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That is your opinion and not a fact


That’s your opinion. AOE 3 players like the decks. Nations having different decks and gameplay styles means you can’t do the same thing every game. Every time I play aoe 2 everyone just builds knights.