More satisfying graphic setting

For the people who are not satisfied with the “washed mobile graphic style”. I tried out a lot of different options but in the end just one adjustment makes the game look more sharp. I put my graphic settings in the game all on Maximum.

Laptop Settings:
Ryzen 5 5600H
Nvidia RTX 3060 6GB

  • open the Nvidia Control Panel
  • open 3D settings and then the program settings
  • choose AOE 4 (reliccardinal)
  • choose the first setting “focus on the images” and put the first value on 1.0 (Sharpness)

Try it out and tell me if you people like that or if there is even a better setting which enhances the whole thing

Thank you!

Ok will try that , can u post some images ?

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True… im gonna have to go through that setting as well… also gonna need a new gpu soon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I prefer 0.3. The problem is that the extent to which things need sharpening varies a lot. The grass very easily becomes annoyingly over-sharpened, while buildings and units benefit from more sharpening. To me, 1.0 is too much and makes many elements over-sharpened, but it’s personal taste. Hopefully they can change the game to balance out the sharpness of different elements.

I also gave it a shot and turned it off again. Especially the grass makes it not bearable for me, as the flickering gets amplified by it. This and the distant fog are the things I can’t get over, as they are so intrusive. Wish they had an AA solution for alpha cut stuff and allowed for turning up the max view distance. I can live with the rest by now…

Sharpening helps for sure, but don’t overdo it. Foliage and other stuff begin looking weird after a certain threshold. For those of you who’re wondering, the performance hit from this is negligible - I think it was around 1% or so.

Yes i must admit that with 1.0 the grass looks a little bit weird. I will try now different settings and post sth if i find a better balance.

Dumb question: how can i make screenshots in AOE4^^

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I usually do it by “shift+winKey+s”, then you can select a rectangular region that you want to capture. However, when you save it and upload it, compression will kick in so this is rather a “casual” way of doing it.

Thank you lambixB, it worked!

The first one is with 0.8 which i favor rn most:



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Good to see image with discussion

Did anyone adjust the second setting? Film grain?

Ok i adjusted things for over an hour and this is what im sticking with…
its softer less white wash, fog effect diminished, shadows are there but not black holes. I struggled to get the artifact/sand/glitter out of the grassy areas. I noticed having the ignore film grain helped with this, but the worse culprit was actually the ig graphic setting “image quality”. Above med for me the particle artifacts were bad.

In the pic i use alt f3 to pull up the overlay ig so i didnt have to restart the game to see the effect change, and i could swap back and forth to immediately see the differences. But with it open u can see the values i have for the pics attached.! Biggest things u will notice is the shadow in the trees tward the top, and the hazy white in the middle left… click the pick and hit the scroll left and right

Units are clearer but its more noticeable irl

O and not having the buildings white washed was difficult also…

People.with AMD having issues with fps can also set the texture resolution to 90 or 95% then set Radeon sharpening to 80% it will look better and you will also have more fps.

What a coincidence, exactly today i also played around with this setting! But i couldn´t find any differences. I´ll try your recommendations.

Yeah using the alt f3 game overlay helped me see the diff, otherwise i didnt see much besides issues

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You can press “print screen” button then just ctrl v or right click and paste on to the forum. If you have 2 monitors do alt plus print screen to ensure you only capture the monitor your game is on.

:man_facepalming: did the win11 update and lost all those settings i did!! Wow good thing i took a pic of it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

anisotropic filtering at 16x in nvidia settings (most important) (the game doesnt have this option)
triple buffering off
ant aliasing all off (config and modo at control app)
filtering diff negative (fixed)

Another reason i better stay away from Win11^^