More than 200 pop?

Red player has more than 200 pop. This means that 200 pop isn’t the pop cap? Hopefully…


I would certainly appreciate the option to exceed 200 pop.


Good luck trying to control an army of 200 pop with an extremely close zoom.


The Zoom level is a different issue. I’m not suggesting this for competitive online play, but if I want to flood my screen with battlefield chaos then I should have the option to.


That seems to be the first English campaign mission.

You will likely be able to have more units in custom scenarios but I hope they will add it as a lobby option for normal skirmish/multiplayer too.
Unlike AoE3 it should be easy to implement. All civilisations just have normal houses.

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200 is the pop cap. That being said, unlike normal RTS this game doesn’t have scaling pop cost for most units, with more powerful units. A pikemen, an Archer cost the same pop as a Knight and a Hand cannoneer despiter the latter having higher stats and being much stronger for the same pop cost. Siege units are also quite cheap in terms of pop cost.

While I was against having the same pop cost for most units, I support it now. Because in this game, you are going to have easily more than 100 workers whereas in Starcraft 2 you are usually not going to have more than 70-80 workers.

Not having a higher pop cost also means you don’t have to trade out your low value but high pop cost units like Zerg players have to trade their Roaches away.

Upgrades also increase the productivity by such an amount that you might want to reduce your villager count to less than 100.

Or you gather crazy amounts of ressources and pump it all in the Fist of Neeb

Starcraft 2 players will know what I mean:

For MP. For all we know you can have 1k units in Single player, they have said nothing about SP pop cap. And even still, I’m pretty sure they said ranked is capped at 200 so unranked could have more pop as well. And as @Skadidesu said, scenario editor obviously has more pop, otherwise Red would not be able to have more than 200 units in this single screenshot alone.

That is not normal for RTS

Yes. Warcraft 3 has different popcosts. Starcraft, the game that birthed esports has it. Starcraft 2 has it. Age of Empires 3 has it. Company of Heroes has it.

esports was around long before Starcraft was made

Is not a normal RTS

But yes, I suppose you are right. It only became normal the past decade or so but it is normal now

■■■■, why do people here keep comparing AGE IV to Starcraft 2? Why not compare with previous titles in the series?


Because why not? A ton of people who play Starcraft 2 gave this game a try and many of the best players of the stress test/beta are high level SC2 players. And in contrast to many Aoe2 players we don’t try to turn this game into Aoe2 like the people who keep bringing up Arrow mechanics or people who keep asking for score to be shown during the game. The fact that players from many different games are interested in the game is a good thing.


Score has been in every age game and many RTS games, it is “normal” as you say

Because it is bad game design, especially for a game that they want to be esports ready. Microing is useless if the arrow’s always hit their target, there’s no accuracy levels or anything, it is ridiculous

No your statement is ridiculous. There is plenty of stuff to micro, just different kinds of micro. For example splitting and using ranged units against siege, splitting individual ranged units which are being chased by Knights and lancers away from the bigger group, adjusting your unit formations to create a concave against your opponent.

And from the top of my head I can tell you another micro maneuver I just came up with: Putting ranged inside Rams and pull them out again. Maybe this could even be used to dodge incoming shots. Sadly I didn’t get to test it in the stress test. Though it would be funny if you could use this technique to dodge incoming siege projectiles from mangonels.

What in there isn’t true? You can’t micro ANYTHING to dodge arrows

I never said otherwise

Ranged units shouldn’t be attacking siege, melee should.

Or you could have some spearmen to protect your archers so you aren’t running away from them in the first place.

This doesn’t do much, formations have seriously been abandoned in the game

Wow! So effective! Jump in so they survive for 2 more seconds!

Rams can only hold 16 units, you would need a decent amount of rams to garrison the entire army and you would only end up protecting a handful of your army, the arrows are just too fast and have 100% accuracy

Wouldn’t the mangonels just destroy the ram?

He’s mainly talking about dodging mangonel projectiles by going inside the ram, not dodging arrows. And it works well as something you can micro - ditto for villagers dodging mangonel shots while repairing garrisonable structures. I think those are the only projectiles that could really be dodged with micro though.
Re: formations - not sure what you mean by abandoned - there are several options, but admittedly the only one I tried out during the stress test was the wide spread one, to avoid being clumped vs. mangonels.

3 options. Wow. Such an improvement from AoE2s 4 options…a 20+ year old game

If you think a concave does nothing then you have not understood anything about ranged combat. Go and watch how Starcraft 2 players micro and you might learn how to do it. Starcraft 2 does not have a formation feature and yet players are microing their units in such a way that concaves happen.

Now you’re just talking nonsense. Formations are in Aoe4 and the Spearmen are the best example for how to use formations correctly. One of their formations allows them to stop charging Knights.

So you’re just ignoring possible micro options now. Is that how you argue? Just ignoring what other people say?

Hopefully they let you increase the population over 200

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I didn’t ignore you, maybe you should read
And I never said micro wasn’t important in the game

I know what a concave is but it does nothing in this game, that is my point. Strategic positioning is useless basically

When did this turn into what SC2 players do? We are discussing AoE4 are we not?

That is not a formation, that is a entire separate mechanic, which I like. It requires the tight formation to do but that doesn’t mean it makes the formations any better than AoE2.
It is kinda sad that there are only 3 formations in AoE4 compared to 4 in AoE2, but apparently you ignored me saying that. You get mad when people ignore you (even though I didn’t) but you can ignore people if you like?