Mosque area is not square

Please make the mosque area have 4 squares on each side, since the locations are random, it is better to have the same area on each side, thanks

with 12x12 it will be correctly centered


What a weird thing that devs chose 11x11 as the area. Why not 10? Why not 12? Why 11 causing the area to be asymmetric?

If we could rotate buildings this wouldn’t be so bad.


effectively with 12x12 it will be correctly centered

Nice catch @HasanIchess , so observant. I think this actually qualifies as a coding error


Idk why building rotation isn t in a game, how there isn’t already a request from the wider community about it


Oh oh this Is not good

I always use the Delhi sultanate but never noticed it, thanks for bringing it back, however I think it’s a big problem, you can’t leave out things like that

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everyone was asking about Nerf Delhi, that’s why there is one box less :rofl:

Delhi seems strong to me, but they use the scholars in battle instead of garrisoning them in the mosque

I think delhi is a very strong civilization right now, but just as I don’t think they need a debuff, scholar in battles are not so much op, if you are playing against dhelhi, you just have to kill them, then I understand that if the enemy uses 100 it is one other thing, but I still think it is a fairly balanced civilization, I’m sorry that few players use it as a civilization

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Building rotation has been raised, ever since the closed beta. Nobody has ever said anything. I don’t think the game engine limits this because houses do rotate randomly as you’re placing them.

The problem with having no building rotation is mainly the fact that units always spawn from one defined point, which may be in front of the enemy. So either devs implement unit spawning from anywhere around each building, or they keep it as it is but add building rotation.


In this game Delih is in the south, the area of 3 squares is random that does not facilitate the organization

Much better to just let units spawn from any side like many RTS games do. No point in building rotation when the buildings are all squares. It just hurts readability at a glance.

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Any feedback on this? When are they going to fix it?

Pretty sure this is a result of the building scaling they did before they launched. I suppose the influence was 3 tiles on each side previously.

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If “by design”, what’s the reason? It’s bizarre!
Influence should be 4 tiles on each side. Last I played Delhi, I realized it makes a big difference planning the city. No wonder Delhi is least played.

You should press for an explanation @HasanIchess . You’re right about this, and dev’s response in this situation is unsatisfactory and honestly, nonsense.

It is a video of the practice pup, it is seen that we will still have the 11x11 area and not 12x12

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+1 building rotation

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Cmon man, it’s not that big deal to change everything in your city “planning”. This is a combat RTS, not a cities skyline game.
If it would be on Abbasid’s side where the buildings have to be connected it would be still a quite small issue.