Most used civs [Poll]

Alright now, very simple, mark the civ you used the most on the past 2 months, then we will find out the ones used the least…

  • Aztecs
  • British
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • France
  • Germans
  • Inca
  • Indians
  • Haudenosaunee
  • Japanese
  • Lakota
  • Ottomans
  • Portuguese
  • Russians
  • Spanish
  • Sweden
  • United States

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By playing on multiplayer frequently, I’ll try to predict on the first 3 the British, Japanese and Sweden, while the last 3 are Russia, Haudenosaunee and Lakota.

Cheers everyone :3


Am I getting trolled? Or does the people in the forum have a tendency to go for Russia ahahah.

in multiplayer I haven’t seen another Russian for weeks, rare that it’s getting high on the poll :V

USA makes sense getting up on the poll, it’s brand new after all.


I don’t think so about it is troll.
Russia civ is really fun for new experience (newbies) and tournaments also Russia civ is very unique.
But you’re right, i have never seen many people use Russia civ but they’re pretty popular on Tournaments and Youtubers (SamurairRevolution’s friend, i think his name is Porky and he plays Russia civ mostly).
Porky is pretty good player.


This is a good idea since we don’t have official playrates like aoe2, no surprise brits are top, surprising to see so many people voting for russia, ottomans are also high so maybe people think fast civs like that are more fun. No surprise Aztec haven’t gotten votes yet.

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This figure should come out from official that will be accurate.

Most used is not meaning most OP so I don’t think this is trolling too.

May be we can also make a poll for most fun to play, the most boring and most disgusting to play against.


This is correct, however it does relate to eachother usually. If a civ is OP generally its played more aswell. Atleast thats also what Japan nerfers keep saying, that Japan is played a lot and saying that shows its OP, which would contradict this statement.

Like this one I could find rather quickly:

Seems now is many people are playing Japan (from I understand), means less people are playing others civs, but Japan still has the most complaint.

Although it does not explicitly state, because people play more Japan it means its OP. It does show (if its true what this user said) that Japan is played more and I know this user beliefs Japan is OP.

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What are you gonna do about the users who have voted that don’t even play AoE III?

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They count towards Sweden of course. Atleast that would explain why the devs refuse to nerf Sweden, to cater to the giant Sweden fanbase. Which is for some reason absent in all social media, discord channels and forums, where instead the vast majority is asking for Sweden nerfs. Just mention Svea Lifeguard and/or 6 Mamelukes once and everyone agrees its OP.


My ELO is around 1500 and have been up against quite a few Russians last week. Sometimes back to back games.

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As I said Japan defender rush out and aim on me only without hesitation again, which makes me laugh.

First, many people use Japan it doesn’t mean they will get the most poll.
For example, I will use Japan when I want to win but general I will use Aztec, you will use Japan when you want to win but general you use Russia. So the third guy use Japan to win again and general use Port.
So three of us will not poll Japan but Japan will still appear many times.

Second, according to what you want to imply that Japan is not OP due to this poll, dare you to show the tier list graphic according to this poll?

Third a person can play that civ with many reasons not ONLY they are OP. I don’t like to play Japan because it is boring but I still play it because it is OP. You just ignore all other reasons but only OP remaining.

Reminds: showing civs used percentage and winrate for each level player is being a wish for many people since released BUT DEV IGNORE.

Please learn to see the things in marco and you will find that why most and different people are talking the same stuff. Only target me just make you lost correct direction.

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Its not my fault you are contradicting yourself. Its then on you to explain it further.

Its not so simple as you like to make it to look. In general when looking at OP civs they will be played more. You give possible examples of someone interchanging their civs, but that are examples and not fact unless we know the data.

Why would someone play Japan if they want to win? You say they would, and seeing the goal of the game is to win then why doesnt everyone play Japan? I hear numerous people state its fun to play Japan so it cant be that Japan is utterly boring.

No, and again you need to start reading peoples posts better. I said you were correct (even that you read over lol) but that usually there does be a correlation between an OP civ and the amount of people playing. Not just for AoE, but in general for games. Example: the mobile game Clash Royale. When a card is OP almost every deck uses it.

I agree with this.

Your nerf Japan replies or topics never receives much more then 2-3 likes if 1 at all. I dont really see how that is macro. If you have big posts of nerfing Japan they wont be much bigger then 25 likes I would say, which is barely anything compared to the playerbase.

You also often think in black and white, you either are in favor of nerfing Japan into the ground or you are a weeaboo who loves all that is Japan. When in reality often the Japan defenders also state some nerf is good, but are way more moderate to what it should be instead of making Japan useless.

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Nah. All top 3 civs are a step away from the generic RTS civ.

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Because Japan are OP so simple…So others state protects Japan you listen, I said it is boring you don’t listen? 21
I don’t need to play Japan to win but Japan can make easier win this is clear?

I read but you are quoting me another comment, so I have second point and I said you are implying.

Correct or not is not depending on likes…OMG, why are you so naive.
So I need to like all @ArrivedLeader22’s post or he needs to like all mine?

If you think so, why don’t asked your comrades why they reject me at once but liked Sircallen’s reply for same opinion of Svea Lifeguard.

If you have read this post I shared to “that lord”, no one give him a like for Oprichniks are OP and almost all comment disagree him, but Oprichniks still got nerfed. 21.

I am glad to see we have agreement, not like someone blindly shift content and reject me with patch notes for dev ignoring people.

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I must say, I’m quite surprised that I am the first person that voted on Portuguese. :no_mouth:


50 votes and 0 sweeden…hmmm


Funny right? :v

If Lakota gets 1 vote before Sweden then I shall perish in cringe forever.

Literally everyone is using Sweden in multiplayer casual games! Yikes, even Russia had a whole lot more votes…



In this forum you see a lot of pro-russia posts and a lot of anti-swedes and anti-japan posts

So it makes sense that Sweden and Japan players wouldn’t feel welcomed in this forum and Russia players would.

There is your explanation for this results.


Tier list of most played civs compared to tier list of best civs, I think this is an interesting comparison because it’s so very different

Most played:


Some things I was able to take away from the comparison is that British, usa, Spanish and Dutch are all very played, this is probably because they are all both easy and strong at the same time.

Another thing I noticed is that Russians and ottomans are very high, and Aztecs are not as bad as I would have expected, this is probably because people find fast paced civs more fun.

Haud, port, Sweden, and Lakota are not very played, this is hard to determine why because these civs aren’t similar to each other.

One more interesting thing I noticed is that civs with strong but not versatile play styles ended up in either b or c tier play rate wise,
This is probably because people like to have some form of versatility in build orders, while French, Germans, Japanese, and Inca are all strong, they have to do the same things every time, French and Germans will almost always semi ff into skirm goon or skirm war wagon, japan will always shrine boom into ashi spam, Inca will always try to play age 2 with pikes, bows, and chimus.

The poll is still early in so the tier list of most played civs is probably going to change slightly but for the most part I think it will stay somewhat similar to what it is now.


Good analysis. Maybe also because most Euro civs are more accessible, and generally have fewer things to manage in the execution of their build orders.

But there is also another big possibility, that the community on this forum is extremely biased…and this poll even more so.


Well… if all of the 182 people who saw the topic had voted on the poll instead of just a third we could get better and more representative data :man_shrugging:

That was the point of the topic but it’s all we got since I don’t know where to get all this info from the actual developers of the game, like “Last month the most used civ was blah blah blah” we don’t have that :expressionless:

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