Mount/Dismount Unit

I’ve been trying something like a mounted samurai (simmilar to the ones in the Kurikara scenario), but that actually can get off the horse, and on again, and off, and you get it; all while in a normal game, without triggers, or scenario editor for that matter. So I’ve tried doing so with Advanced Genie Editor, using the effect “Upgrade Unit”, which would be activated as a technology, which button would be in the unit control panel. However, none of that worked; I’ve tried breaking the closed cycle and only let the unit mount, I’ve tried moving the tech button to the Town Centre, and I’ve tried just cutting off the technology part and just let the effect, but the unit that should mount (or dismount, when I switched effects) doesn’t appear at all in the scenario editor. Does anyone know how to solve it, and make it work?

Try experimenting with the siege unit (trebuchets) actions of packing and unpacking. Packed and unpacked are two separate units that use the Transform Unit attributes to switch between them. The catch is that they are of the type building not combatants.

This is probably the closest analogy I can think of at the moment.

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