Hi all, I believe haven’t seen a post about it so far, so I was wondering with this new mechanic, is this the herald of new things to come?

Come on, let’s speculate xD.

I wish for mounted explorers :slight_smile:


there’s plenty of interesting possibilities with knights of mediterranian expansion (amount of content in it justifies being called a full blown expansion), mount/dismount is good one on mercenaries, but its the promotion that gets me thinking even more, imagine explorer promotion based on damage done


Me too, just posted about it, xD

I would like to think that yes, there are several civilizations that have horse riding as a tradition. :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember one of NE’s Polish units that can dismount and mount, some cav archer called Lisowczyk perhaps.


this expansion basically is napoleonic era becoming official content, with its author being in forgotten empires team it was basically a matter of time


I had proposed this with the Navajo natives. [Minor Natives topic] Post here your ideas for every single minor natives so the devs can look at - #85 by OperaticShip743

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It’s an interesting mechanic but holy guacamole is “Dismounted Infantry” just the stupidest possible name for a unit. They should just be called Chasseurs! They’d be Chasseurs à Pied when on foot, and Chasseurs à Cheval when mounted. Now Chasseurs don’t really fit as Habsburg units, but it’s not like “Mounted Infantry” has any connection to the Habsburgs so replacing that would be for the better.

Not exactly “dismounting”, but I think War Wagons should get an alternate “dismounted” stance where they become stationary, but gain some ranged resistance and the deflection ability.


Hope we get more Euro content, new civs and more things for old ones, specially France and Germany (HRE, Prussia, Austria).

That would be very interesting and would open new gameplay ways. I believe Lakota would be very interesting.

Yeap, funny :rofl:. Also while dismounted are very weak. Voltigeurs used horses like this unit to move around and then dismounted for fighting. I think they follow the same principle.

That would be very nice actually, they could also gain or have while in this stance two shots or something like.

The :smiling_imp: specialized in running lasso shots, effective shooting from moving horses, and rapid formation changes to act as infantry.