Mounted Teutonic knights?

I wonder if someone has made a mounted teutonic knight mod, i strongly believe that they should have been mounted to begin with. Also conquistadores should have a dismounted and melee version as they were a big part of the spanish military during the reconquista and early conquest of the americas. What do you guys think?

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Those would be nice to have as scenario units.

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How much different would a mounted teutonic knight look like from a knight line unit…

How much different would a dismounted Conq look vs a hand cannon?

I feel like most modders aren’t going to put all the work into entirely designing a new unit that looks very similar to skins already in game, but I could be wrong! I know there’s a lot of super dedicated modders in our community.

The base model can be the cavalier with different design on the horse and shield.

I want to see this unit get added too by the devs.


looks like mounted rajput… who made it?

It was in the original files,only this animation was guess is it must be a scrapped unit concept.

Shoot, that looks amazing! I want it now hahaha

whats the name of the file?

That looks beautiful!! We totally need more unique units tied to regions. More Arab like units for the middle east, more asian like units for asian faction ect …


Man, that unit looks insanely good!

You were right about the hand cannoneer, never saw the morion on him. Still a melee unmounted unit with a morion would be good to have.

mount teutonix I found the perfect mounted teutonic knight! :smiley:


Ideally teutonic knights should be white with a black cross.

Yeah,and the helmets should have crest’s and horns. Also they should have shields but none of the ingame models have those. Im surprised not many ingame units use the Great Helm to be honest. The frankish Paladin has what you were saying but they lack the great helm sadly.

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Im also surprised Longshanks has a unique model yet Emperor Barbarosa doesn’t even though he is a way more important character that had a bigger impact in the medieval world as a whole.

All the hero units should get historically accurate skins for better scenario making.