Moving UI Elements

Hello, I am trying to move a few things around but the json files are not very clear as to what they do.
You can see in the picture what I’d like to move. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

1.) Afaik, the tooltip position is hardcoded and can not be changed by editing any of the files but I would love to be proven wrong.

2.) The queue/status is in commandpanel.json, search for “StatusLabel”.

3.) The player+civ name is also in commandpanel.json, search for “ObjectOwnerNameCulture”.

4.) The “Not enough food.” and other message positions are defined in GameMsgPanel.json, for the food message here, search for “Background_BottomCentre”.

I have questions of my own, in case anyone knows:
A.) I would like to know where to change the position and the layout(items per row, rowcount) of selected units inside the commandpanel.
B.) I would also love to know where to change the position and layout(items per row, rowcount) of garrisoned units inside the commandpanel.


Thanks for the reply! All very helpful. I noticed that no matter what I change in commandpanel.json it doesn’t actually happen in game. The gamemsgpanel.json worked fine.

Make sure you do not have any mods active which change it, otherwise the game does not reload changes you make to the original .json file in realtime like it normally does.

You were right, after disabling the tree tech mod I was able to make live changes. Issue is when I re-enabled it my changes were reset. I guess the mod overwrites my changes.