Ms-xbl-multiplayer error

Good afternoon, I activated my subscription to xbox game pass pc and I downloaded Age of Empires definitive edition. I played online in the public lobbies and everything works fine but when I want to play with my friend and he send me the request to join him on my pc appear this message “ms-xbl-multiplayer app required”. I’m trying everywhere to find this app or program but I can’t find anything. How can I resolve this problem? I checked my NAT status and connection to the server and everything is working fine.

Furthermore he is trying to make a public lobby (in Italy I live in UK) but I can’t see it and he can’t see my lobby either.

How can we play together?

Many thanks.

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Hi @salenthouse, Do both you and your friend have the latest crossplay version installed of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition? If your friend is on the old client you will not be able to see each other’s multiplayer lobbies. More info about updating the old Microsoft Store client to the crossplay version here: Upgrading to the latest Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (Windows Store)

You may need to reinstall Xbox Gaming Services to address the message you are receiving on your PC. Instructions on how to do that are here:

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Like @anon63664082 said you’ll both need the latest cross-play version installed. Furthermore I did experience the same issue with my son who’s on Steam while I’m on the MS Store client.

I did managed to solve it by hosting public. Please make sure your friend also changes the region filter to all regions in MP lobby search screen.

It looks like the game invites don’t come through in the Xbox Companion-console or in-game at his side at all although we are friends through our MS accounts. Will test this more and get back on it later.

Thank you all, the problem was (as you said) that my friend had a older version and as soos as he updated I could accept the request and I could join him in his lobby. Thanks for your help.