Multiplayer browser is terrible

Where do I begin:

  1. Filters for Public games only is not permanent, have to re-set it everytime I enter the multiplayer mode
  2. No filter to not show full games
  3. Bugged scrolling: Every time you scroll it puts you back to the top of the list, combined with second issue it is impossible to join games that are mid table
  4. No filter for Normal and Treaty games
  • several others like joining a game in a bugged state, where you cannot see other players or can see them but cannot change your army and ready up.

Can we get fixes for this asap please? This is annoying as hell.


I came to this forum specifically to see if other people were having issues with #3. I can’t see most of the games because it resets the scroll to the top.

I agree the Lobby browser is full of bugs. Half the time i am unable to search even using the game id.
It is funny though when your trying to play a multiplayer game without a bug free multiplayer system!

The scrolling issue is on the known issue list, it’ll get fixed.

Theres a way to make the filters permanent.