Multiplayer Crashes the Game Ever Since Server Maintenance

I have been unable to play multiplayer ever since servers were brought down for maintenance on 11-26-19.

Once servers came back up, every single multiplayer game I tried playing online has resulted in the game completely crashing and taking me to desktop.

No error codes, no warnings, just freezes completely and and then crashes. This has now happened 4 separate times in the last 2 hours. I have not been able to successfully play a multiplayer game since this maintenance was completed, but never had this issue before.

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Yep getting the same problem also. I was getting it before the server update though, but I’ve only gotten it twice out of about 15 games in total. Game will freeze for about 2 seconds, then just disappear and I’ll be back in Windows desktop, no error popup or anything.

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I made a topic summing up some solutions to common performance issues, see if they are of any help.