Multiplayer games freezes on Xbox

Been happening to me as well. I havent tried online games because i can’t get through a match against AI without it crashing about every 10-15 minutes or so. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but that didn’t seem to work. Makes the game ynplayable when you have to stop and save every 5 minutes to maintain your progress

I talked again with the team to remind them the importance of this issue.


Anyone tried to play the game recently? Is it still unplayable for Xbox players?

Yes, they are not doing anything, it s embarassing


Toujours pareil jeux injouable…

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We were hardwired for the 8-10 times this has happened.

usually about 20 mins into the game

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Thanks Felizon,

Could you let us know when the Dev team expects the game will be playable again for Xbox console players?


@Maarschalk I’m afraid I don’t have this information, sorry :frowning:

Hi Felizon,

I noticed there is an update for the game that addresses xbox performance issues, do you know if this update include a fix for the game freezing in multiplayer games as per this thread?

No , new release, old issue.

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J ai testé le jeux est toujours bloqué :confused:

Hello Felizon,

After a week not playing the game, I’ve just played a quick match 1vs1, on my Series X console with a wired cable connection.

The game froze at 14:55 mins into the game.

I do see changes made in the ‘task/build wheel’.
And I can see the unit build count again in the wheel, that’s improved thankfully.

That’s awesome, they are adding/fixing features for the game that doesn’t work, they also updated the Unfixed bugs page and didn’t mention Xbox problems at all. I really don’t understand this situation.

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Le jeux remarche ou toujours pas ?


I’ve erased the total game once more, re-installed AOE 2 DE again on Xbox Series X.

The game version I have is
Version 101.102.43233.0

And after re-installing I played a quick match 1vs1 on Nomad and the game froze again (at 17:58), just like 100% of all game attempts in the past 2 weeks.

It’s disappointing this problem persists and doesn’t seem to be fixed.

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No it doesn’t work, it keeps freezing

I’ve just submitted another request and reported the problem on:

Perhaps you could do the same and help speed up the fix.



AOE support team replied with below e-mail reply.

Hi there,

Thank you for your message and for your report. I have forwarded the information you have provided to our Developers.

Currently this is a known issue, and our Team is working on a solution. Please keep checking game updates frequently for fixes.

Thanks again for contacting us.

Age of Empires Support

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Toujours pas de mise a jour ?

Hi! Same problem… in all single player mode the game Freeze… Any solution? I am playing with Xbox s.