Multiplayer games freezes on Xbox

It’s incredible. It s been 3 weeks.


Same thing here. Has been freezing both online or offline games. Between 15-30 min into games. Wired connection and wiffi both do same thing. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Doesn’t matter happens every game. This sucks. Please fix it.

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Nope, so far no updates. They are aware of the problem and that numerous people can’t play the game anymore on Xbox consoles…

I write to support and they send me this known issues link:

It had an update tonight but still that never fixed the issue :frowning:

They are most likely just trying to work on pathing problems etc. they need to please PC players, I guess when they are happy they move to Xbox players.

Are all here playing with mouse and keyboard on Xbox? Because I see people reporting issues that some controller hotkeys are not working, so are they capable of playing the game normally?

Jeux freeze toujours…:sob::sob::sob:

I estimate a lot of Xbox players are quitting AOE 2 DE because of the freezing issue. I’m waiting for +10 minutes in a quick game, all options selected and still can’t find a match to play…

Anyone tried the game lately? Is the freezing issue still going?

No haven’t tried it last week.

Theres a maintaince notice up on the opening screen dashboard - 10pm bst and will last 2 hours so fingers crossed


The updates is tonight ?

Does anyone know if the April patch fixed it?

I tried single player yesterday and it still froze at 25min so i dont think so.

Just played a singleplayer game. At around 20 mins it froze again.

Not at all. seems like my matches have actually started freezing faster than they were. I use to always be mid castle age when it would freeze but seems this week it’s been happening in in feudal and dark ages. It has joined my very short list of 100% certainties in life though. 1) death, 2) taxes, 3) If Joe Biden said it, it’s a lie and 4) aoe2 is going freeze up midgame :joy:


Yea still freezing here too. I seem to get an 1:15 of the game being open before it freezes so I guess I’m “lucky”. I did notice it’s a time thing cus if I play a game that lasts 40min and don’t refresh the game I only get 25 minutes or so on the next one

Same here. Nothing happens. It’s so frustrating please fix it, i wanna play again :frowning:

I am starting twitter and forums spam, its been 33 days and we get like 0 info, the bug isnt even mentioned on high priority bugs list.


I’m not sure which is more impressive, the fact you can have a product which doesn’t work for a month, or the fact that in one month only communication to your clients is “Our team is looking at it”. I’m in software business too, and if our software have crucial bugs in updates, we do a rollback, not try to fix that crucial bugs on go.